Mother Puts ‘Smiley’ Baby Born Without Eyes Up For Adoption

A sweet little boy is searching for his forever home after his mother put him up for adoption.

Alexander K, nicknamed Sasha, has a very rare condition that only two other children in the world have had. The condition left the little boy without eyes and he will never be able to see. Before the little boy was born the mother decided that she was going to give up the baby. She grew up in an orphanage and she knew that she was not going to give her baby the life that she thought he deserved. She knew she wanted to put him up for adoption. Currently, he is still looking for a home.

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Sasha is 6-months-old now and there is a nurse who is taking care of him until he finds his forever home. The nurse shares that he is just a typical baby and he loves to smile. She said that he is a really happy baby and she calls him really "smiley." And then she says that Sasha also loves to go swimming and is extremely "cheerful indeed."


The little boy is certainly unique. Not only is his condition really rare, but the other two children who have this condition have had many other ailments. Sasha is perfectly healthy besides having issues with his eyes. The only thing he has is two cysts that are on his forehead that are going to be removed soon. The condition has been named SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome which means that he was born without eyes.

He is up for adoption and his listing says that he is a really good baby and he is really enjoyable. Whenever he hears a familiar voice he instantly smiles. The medical staff is hoping that the little boy gets to go to a family. They know that people are obviously a little bit hesitant about adopting the little baby due to his condition. The mother has already signed away the papers and so he is ready for his family!

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