Mother With Rare Skin Condition Gets Kicked Off Plane

A mother and her baby were asked to leave an airplane after crew noticed her rash even after she told them it was a rare skin condition.

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On February 28, Jordan Flake and son Jackson boarded their American Airlines flight. Jordan was trying to get home after visiting her husband who was being deployed.  Jordan got on the airplane in El Paso and was on her way to Dallas. She said that she got onto the flight and everything seemed completely normal. All of the staff seemed pleasant and the rest of the passengers were admiring her cute son.

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After a few moments one of the crew members approached Jordan and questioned her "rash." The man asked her if she had a doctor's note saying that she was able to fly with her rash. She informed the employee that it wasn't a "rash" and it was a rare skin condition that both her and her son have to deal with every day. The employee stood up and she could see him speak to the other airplane crew members. He returned and told her that she would have to leave the flight. Jordan was then escorted off of the plane.

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Both Jordan and Jackson were both born with a rare skin condition called ichthyosis. Ichthyosis is a skin disorder that causes people to have extremely dry, thick and scaly skin. There is no cure and it's something that they both are severely affected by on a regular basis. Jordan has explained all of this information to the employee and he even googled the condition and read the results to the rest of the crew members. The crew was extremely rude and said that they didn't care, because she didn't have a doctor's note.

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Jordan said that the employee was very nice and she knew that he hadn't made the decision. He helped her get another flight, found a hotel for her, and helped her get her baggage. She was furious that the crew would kick off a mother and her baby. She said that it was probably one of the most embarrassing moments, because everybody was looking at her while she was being discriminated against. The most ironic part of the whole situation was that it occurred on Rare Disease Day. American Airlines immediately apologized to the mother, but the damage was already done. She said that the only good thing that came from the whole experience was that it brought awareness to her rare skin condition.

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