Mother Saves Baby’s Life By Donating Part Of Liver To Cure Her Cancer

Sophie Barr didn’t hesitate to give part of her liver to her daughter fighting cancer. She immediately told the doctors she was ready for a transplant the moment she found out she was a compatible donor. With her mother’s love, baby Patricia’s life was saved, and she is finally living life outside of the hospital.

At three and a half months old, Patricia was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors found a tumour in her liver, and she immediately began chemotherapy at the start of the year. Despite how quickly doctors acted, Patricia’s condition was rapidly deteriorating; she was put in intensive care in so that doctors can monitor her closely. The medical staff informed her parents that the best course of action would be a transplant, so they agreed to put her on an emergency donor’s list at the Leeds Children’s Hospital.

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After anxiously waiting, a suitable donor was found in March. The relief, however, didn’t last very long. Doctors cancelled the procedure because upon examining the liver, they found that it was damaged. The desperate parents found a silver lining: Sophie was an eligible donor for her baby girl. Without hesitation, she told doctors that she wants to go ahead with the operation.

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She didn’t think twice even when doctors informed her that the surgery has a one in 200 chance of being unsuccessful. The surgery took six hours, and doctors transplanted 20% of her liver to Patricia. Her husband anxiously waited for both his girls to make it through the surgery. Thankfully, they were both successful, and the girls made it out okay. Within a week, they saw a significant improvement in her condition.

Patricia underwent her last round of chemotherapy last April as a final treatment. At the end of all this, doctors told Patricia’s family that the baby girl will no longer need any treatment. Last Tuesday, they all happily celebrated her first birthday. Patricia’s parents hope that from now on, she can live a happy, normal, and healthy life. Thanks to a mother’s selflessness and unconditional love, a child was given a shot at life.

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