Mother Separated From Baby After Doors To Melbourne Metro Close

As parents, one of the most terrifying positions we can find ourselves in is being separated from our child in a public place. While any public place is terrifying enough, one mom found herself stranded on a platform after her train sped away with her baby on it. The woman was trying to board a Glen Waverly-bound service from Burnley station in Melbourne, according to 9News. It's not clear how, but the mom placed the pushchair on board the train and the doors closed, leaving her behind on the platform. She watched on in horror as the train sped away towards its next stop.

Metro and subway trains are notorious for their fast closing doors which often close in a matter of seconds. If mom was picking up some bags or retrieving a lost toy, she may have overestimated how much time she had to hop on. The incident happened at 6.09pm in the evening, but by 6.24pm mother and baby were reunited with each other.

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When the child got to the next station, Protective Service Officers intervened and kept the baby in their care until mom arrived. The woman, frantic as she tried to get to her baby, took the next train to Heyington Station in Toorak from Burnley. Thankfully, nobody was harmed and the baby was safe. It's not the first time something like this has happened in Australia. An almost identical incident took place in May of this year at Souther Cross Station.

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According to CityLab, some train doors are fitted with "sensitive edges" that will detect if something is stuck between them and open up. In this case, caught passengers can often squeeze through. Trains without these doors don't retract automatically and will continue to close regardless of if there's anything stuck. This can have disastrous consequences if the train starts to move. A lot of major cities don't opt for sensitive edges as holding doors can delay departure time and encourage more passengers to try and slip aboard before the train leaves.

Take note if you're traveling with little ones - jump on at the same time or wait until the next one!

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