Mother And 3-Year-Old Found Safe After Being Lost On Hike

A family got lost at Silver Creek Falls and mom and three old spent the night in the snow.

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Josie Chisum, 24, went hiking with her three year old son and her boyfriend, Joshua Dixsen. They went hiking along the popular trails that guide you through many beautiful waterfalls at Silver Creek Falls in Silverton, Oregon.  It is currently very cold, and snowy at the falls, but it makes all of the scenes look even more gorgeous. The family got a little disoriented and turned around and they found themselves off of the designated paths and were then completley lost.

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The couple decided that Josie and her son would stay underneath a tree where they could try to keep warm while Joshua went out to find help. At around 3 a.m on Monday the police were notified that there was a mother and a son lost in the park. The police instantly sent out search parties to find them, because it was extremely cold and they were in danger. Search crews found them at 8:30 a.m near the Rim Trail inside the park.

Josie was terrified the entire night and she was just trying to keep her son safe. She didn't think that they would survive. She was certain that they would be eaten by a wild animal, or they were going to freeze to death. She said that she cried tears of happiness and anger when she was found. She was obviously very thrilled to be rescued and that her and her son would be safe, but she was only about 100 meters away from the trail. Everybody is going to be okay. Joshua is struggling with a few injuries including frostbite, but he should recover quickly.

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The park rangers and other emergency personnel want to remind people of the dangers of venturing off of the trails. Anybody who goes off of the trails risks the chance of getting lost. If you plan on hiking, you should always plan on getting lost and prepare accordingly. Everybody should be prepared by having snacks, water, a compass, first aid kid, a whistle, an emergency blanket and possibly a flashlight. It is also advised to not leave the trails while traveling with young children. We are so very grateful that both mom and son are okay and that they didn't acquire any serious injuries.  That whole experience must have been very scary, but we're so thankful they were rescued quickly.

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