Mother Survives After Tree Crashes Through Her Home While She’s Feeding Her Baby

Aja Hauff and her baby luckily avoided a tree branch that crashed into their house. The two were just minding their own business when their roof suddenly caved in. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and most of the damage was done on the house.

In Lakewood, Washington, Hauff had just sat down to feed her baby. Just as she was about to put the bottle in her one-month-old daughter’s mouth, a tree came crashing down a few feet from her. All she heart was a loud crash, and the next moment, she saw a huge hole in the roof above them. She and her daughter screamed in shock as leaves and branches fell down upon them.

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Via: Wikimedia Commons

Thankfully, they avoided catastrophe. The tree could’ve killed both of them if the chair was a few feet closer. The damage the incident caused, however, will be difficult to repair. Her daughter’s room was damaged the most by the falling tree: the roof caved in, the crib was shattered, and her dresser filled with clothes was crushed. Hauff knows it might be difficult to recover from the incident financially, but she is thankful that she and her daughter are still breathing.

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Authorities have deemed the home a “red-tagged” house because it’s still too dangerous to enter. The specific cause of the tree’s collapse is still unknown. A number of factors could’ve led to the incident: weather, old-age, or disease. It’s highly recommended that trees which are leaning more than 15 degrees should be removed in case its structural integrity begins to fail. Inspecting trees around your home may also be a good idea. Any signs of decay or disease like holes in the truck or deep cracks in branches should be taken seriously, and you should consider having the tree cut down.

Hauff and her family will be staying with relatives nearby as they sort out their housing situation. They need to decide whether or not they will return to their home and rebuild it or relocate to a different area. While all of this is inconvenient, they are so thankful that everyone made it out okay. They truly believe someone was watching over them because they were literally only a few feet away from disaster.

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