Mother Seeks Help Online To Get Children Vaccinated Against Disapproving Father's Wishes

In what could result in a messy situation for one couple, a mother has turned to the internet to figure out what to do after discovering her husband doesn't want their children vaccinated.

In a lengthy Reddit post, the mother of two — a six-year-old daughter and a three and a half-year-old son — turned to the followers of r/relationship advice about a fundamental difference in beliefs between her and her husband.

"First, he said he wanted to wait until they were older, maybe 1 year, to 'let them develop before we add chemicals'... At one year, I pushed to vaccinate but was met with his uncertainty," wrote the concerned parent (in her post that we edited slightly for style and grammatical purposes).


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According to her, this all came to a boil after her daughter got a high fever. She took her to the ER, and when doctors discovered the child wasn't vaccinated, she got quite the lecture from the medical professionals. Interestingly enough, the Redditor noted that during the visit, the husband actually argued with doctors, saying both their children were vaccinated, despite all the paperwork suggesting otherwise.

In a separate situation, the mom said they managed to actually get to the doctor's office, but her plans were squandered once the needles came out.

"...I set up the appointment as a vaccination appointment and when we got there they pulled the vaccines out and we left because he said he wasn't consenting to this. He just likes being part of their lives so we do a lot of things together including go to doctor appointments," writes the mother in a reply to a comment suggesting the father may be a little too controlling.

Now, she wants to know if there's anything she can do. While this seems like more of a question for r/legal advice, she's received quite a bit of feedback regarding the matter.

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Unfortunately, without more information regarding where she lives, we can't really give advice on how to handle the situation legally, however, her husband isn't alone when it comes to taking a stance against vaccines. In fact, it's a growing movement that even has the World Health Organization (WHO) worried. The UN Funded agency recently published an article titled Ten Biggest Threats To Global Health In 2019, and "vaccine hesitancy" managed to crack the list that included HIV, poor air quality, and weak primary health resources.

It's a movement that's even seeped into pop culture with many celebrities, including Kat Von D and Jenny McCarthy, leading the charge against vaccines. Most recently, Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom fame caused a stir online after saying she refused to Vaccinate her youngest child after watching Netflix documentaries and talking to other parents.

As for this Redditor, we can only hope she finds a civil solution to the issue.


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