Mother Warns Others After Baby Suffers Brain Damage After Fall From Bed

Paige Ferguson was at a friends house with her finance and  her 6-month-old son, Colton. Colton needed a nap. Ferguson brought her son to a bed and laid him down in a Queen sized bed. She tucked him in and she was anticipating him falling straight to sleep. The bed wasn't very high and she didn't seem concerned about anything happening to him. Ferguson went to go watch a show with her fiance, Blake Linton, and then all of a sudden they heard a huge thump come from the room that Colton was laying.

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Ferguson immediately knew that it was Colton falling from the bed. She said that Blake dropped everything in his hands and ran to the room. She said that she had never seen him move that quickly. When they walked into the room, Colton was crying and he had a huge lump on his head. They "knew" it was probably nothing, but they decided to bring him into the doctor just to make sure that there was nothing wrong. Colton was very alert and didn't even show signs of having a concussion. At one point he was even smiling. They assumed that there wasn't going to be anything wrong. The doctors wanted to do a cat scan. The cat scan revealed that Colton actually had a skull fracture.

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I have really been contemplating posting this. But, i need Colton to be an advocate. I need people to realize the...

Posted by Paige Ferguson on Monday, March 19, 2018

Ferguson said that she had never cried so hard. She just cried and cried. She felt so guilty and she couldn't believe that something so minor caused something so serious. Colton was taken from his local hospital to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Colton immediately underwent emergency brain surgery. During the surgery, the little baby suffered from cardiac arrest. Right after the surgery, Ferguson went into ICU and the doctor straight out told her, "ma’am, I need you to understand that most likely your son is going to die from this." Ferguson could not believe what was happening and kept saying, "this can't be real!"

After a month of being in the hospital, her son was able to go home. However, Colton has never been the same. Ferguson said that her son doesn't babble anymore and he is very irritable. He has suffered from brain damage. She says that she misses her son. She is very fearful about his future. She is filled with guilt and sadness. He is a miracle, but she wishes that he didn't have to suffer from lifelong damage.

Ferguson is sharing her story with others to help them realize how a little tiny fall can really harm babies. It is really important for parents to never put their child on a bed that doesn't have the proper security measures in place. She doesn't want any other family to suffer the way that they have.

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