Mother Writes Heartfelt Facebook Post To Spectrum Internet Thanking A Technician For His Patience With Her Toddler

The fact that parenting is a tough job is a universally affected truth! Effectively trying to manage work, household chores and all the needs of your children sometimes can be nerve-wracking. And, it gets more challenging for parents of children with disabilities. Luckily, our faith in humanity gets super-charged when we meet some people in this world, who step in to lend a helping hand.

Recently, a mother of two toddlers, Jessica Nash Donnahoo, shared a post on Facebook where she wrote to Spectrum Internet to praise their employee.

Jessica is a part-time nurse and is raising two children – a three-year-old son Sailor and two-year-old Sunny. Her son Sailor is an especially able child. After a long trial phase to conceive, Jessica and her husband Drew was left no choice but to adopt. That is how Sailor moved into their lives. However, soon the family noticed Sailor's health issues. "My son was born with two rare, unrelated brain defects: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, or ONH, which means his optic nerves didn’t fully form in utero and he is blind as a result. The other is a Chiari Malformation. Sailor also has a seizure disorder. We have a team of pediatricians, neurologists, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, and gastroenterologist who help follow his health closely,” Jessica said.

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The mother further added that “Sailor has several developmental delays and is unable to communicate his needs, such as hunger, pain, etc. I try to meet all of his needs but, like any toddler, he is just sometimes unhappy.” That particular morning was especially rough for the little boy as he just could not stop crying and his mom was overworked and tired with house chores and taking care of his sister. The same morning Robert, the internet technician came to their home to upgrade the internet and as Jessica puts it, he literally walked into a pile of “mess”. However, Robert was not at all perturbed by the mess and did the best he could do to help.

The mother was so happy that she could not contain her appreciation and decided to make a post about Robert’s kindness tagging Spectrum Internet, where Robert works. The company actually reached out to her. “Rob actually works for a subcontractor but the VP of Spectrum Enterprises called me directly to thank me for the post and to report that they’re proud of Rob’s choice to step in and help with my son! The VP also has a special needs child and was touched by Rob’s act of kindness.”

Jessica is overwhelmed that so many have people read and responded to her story. She feels that we live in a world “overwhelmed with news of politics, violence, and drugs” so a story like this is humane and resonates so many people. “This post about one complete stranger doing something so kind for another is proof that there still good people out there!” she said.

Here are some of the responses to the heartwarming post:

via: static.boredpanda.com
via: static.boredpanda.com
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