“Motherhood does not make you ugly,” says Bollywood sensation, Esha Deol

“Motherhood does not make you ugly,” says Bollywood sensation and new mom, Esha Deol. A declaration not easily heeded by millions of mothers across the globe - there exists a crisis of confidence and it’s poignant. Are a few encouraging words from this beautiful actress and model enough to create a deviation from internal pessimism - postpartum?

Motherhood can forge both mental and physical havoc and the effects are shattering. It’s imperative that women unite to expose their truths and re-instill the tenacity and self-love that once was - not unlike what Esha Deol had in mind!

Esha shares with timesofindia.com, " Motherhood is beautiful, it is the most beautiful phase in any women's life. I really vouch for it and want every women should experience motherhood at least once. Like some women get afraid of becoming fat and ugly with pregnancy. That's not true. A woman looks more beautiful once she has a baby. Her confidence is something else. after all a whole new chapters starts in her life. So commendable." New mother, Esha is married to Bharat Takhtani, her childhood sweetheart and the couple has been blessed with a beautiful daughter named 'Radhya', who will turn one next month.


Esha’s open inspiration to mothers is clearly an indication that she is aware of the turmoil indicative of this sensitive period and understands that her role may be paramount in creating a shift in morale. It seems that she has reached the pinnacle of happiness that most new mothers strive for, fortifying the idea that one’s lack of confidence, is temporary.

According to idiva.com, the new mother admitted that while the first week of motherhood was a complete mess, she is now in a better place with the help of a nurse, her mother Hema Malini, her sister Ahana, and her in-laws and cousins. She continues to struggle but everyone can agree is it absolutely advantageous to be surrounded by strong women who can empower - although, not entirely a prevalent fate.    

Celebrities experience relentless scrutiny postpartum and the pressure to look fabulous almost immediately after giving birth is alarming. Indubitably, they too deal with unrealistic societal expectations and the stakes are even higher.


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