Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12, and some people who are here may have not purchased a gift yet. Don’t worry - We have it all covered! This gift guide is full of ideas for all types of moms out there, with options that fit all kinds of budgets, as well.

From pampering products to customized creations, any of these would be a great way to tell the wonderful women in our lives how much they mean to us. Of course, we should always be showing them love and appreciation, but we should be doing so especially on this annual holiday!

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15 California Delicious Starbucks Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

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Gift baskets are a smart choice, as they provide several different goodies. This one, in particular, comes with Sumatra coffee, cafe Verona, Starbucks House Blend, an assortment of teas, biscotti, shortbread cookies, and a ceramic mug.

Whether a mother is having guests over and would to offer up some refreshments or whether she likes to mix up her daily dose of caffeine in the morning, all of these gourmet items are sure to please her. Plus, she gets a new mug to put all of these drinks in, too - one with that official and iconic green logo on it!

14 HOME SMILE Ceramic Ring Dish Decorative Trinket Plate

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This glazed ceramic plate is one of those cute little knick-knacks that people love to have around and in every room in the house. For instance, it could hold a wedding ring while washing dishes, keep odds and ends in a desk organized or just set out, with its decorative message.

What is especially nice about this item is that it can be given to all the lovely ladies in our lives; there are unique wording options tailored towards aunts, friends, grandmothers, sisters and, of course, moms, and each of them will smile and think of the giver when looking at this trinket dish.

13 Our Own Candle Company Mini Mason Jar Candles

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When it comes to shopping for Mother’s Day, a person can’t go wrong with candles. Many love to have these burning all the time, or at least when company comes over, in order to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that also smells nice.

This is a variety pack that comes with scents called French Vanilla, Fresh Linen, Lemon Poundcake and Hot Apple Pie, meaning each room can have its own candle, or they can be switched out as the seasons and moods change! These made-in-the-USA candles also have lead-free wicks with patented straightener, which helps them burn properly for up to 30 hours each.

12 Golden State Fruit Spring Celebration Chocolate Covered Oreos

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It may sound cliche to get mom flowers, jewelry or something sweet, but many ladies love these things, which is why these chocolate-covered Oreos are next up on this list! Yes, these are actual Oreo sandwich cookies that have been hand-dipped into real dark, milk and white chocolate and then decorated with florals and spring colors.

They look almost too pretty to eat - but only almost. These yummy treats come in a signature gift box, too, so once they are easily ordered online, they can be presented in a cute and kind way… and then gobbled up and thoroughly enjoyed.

11 Adigow Hanging Toiletry Bag

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Everyone needs a fabulous toiletry bag, and this one offers so much. First off, there are tons of zippered and mesh compartments, providing room for makeup, hygiene products, beauty items, hair accessories, jewelry and more.

This bag is also water-resistant, as well as lined to prevent leaks, and has a built-in hook that makes hanging it up in a hotel bathroom, gym shower or personal space super easy. It is compact and lightweight, meaning it can easily come along on trips that an on-the-go mother may take. There are also lots of prints, colors and shapes from which to choose!

10 Knock Knock What I Love about Mom Fill in the Love Journal

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A mama will feel extra special when she receives this book; it has fill-in-the-blank lines where people can describe why this woman is the best. It is a super personal and thoughtful gift idea that will be able to be read and enjoyed time after time, with its funny and/or heartfelt messages inside.

This is also something that should be kept in mind for other celebrations since the mom version is not the only one this company offers; from birthdays and dads to teachers and marriages, there are many people who could and would love to get their own fill-in-the-love journal!

9 Great Job Mom Funny Coffee Mug

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Spread some cheer with this high-quality mug! Any children - no matter how young or old - who think they are the best thing their moms have done should probably just go ahead and buy this.

No one can own too many mugs, and this clear one would make a nice addition to a collection.. and stand out from the rest. Its message is sure to bring about some smiles this Mother’s Day, and, in all seriousness, this present will be appreciated. So snatch up this humorous item, which may just be the best thing she receives on May 12 (maybe).

8 Nicole Miller Mini Nail Polish Set

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Another go-to idea is nail polish and other makeup items. This nail polish set includes 15 different mini bottles, which come in an array of colors that are easy to apply and quick to dry.

Whether a woman likes neutral colors or metallics, she will have many options here. Plus, this could lead to a full spa day on Mother's Day, as moms, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and gal pals can get together and give each other manicures - How fun! Yes, everyone will have a blast trying out new shades and mixing and matching their designs with these pretty polishes.

7 Loving Family Sterling Silver Mom's Loving Embrace Necklace

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This year, don’t just buy her any piece of jewelry - Make it super sweet with this birthstone necklace. The centerpiece is a design of a mother’s closed arms, and in them, she can hold the Swarovski crystal birthstone charms that belong to each of her children!

This is another gift that comes in a signature box, and it is made from sterling silver that is created from 92.5 percent recycled silver metal and handmade in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With this necklace, she will be able to literally hold her loved ones close to her heart each and every day.

6 Lifeprint Portable Photo & Video Printer for iPhone and Android

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It is a digital and tech-driven world, but many people still like to have physical copies of family photos in their hands. That being said, this is a very wise gift option.

This little photo and video printer hooks up to iPhones and Androids, can connect to share pictures to other printers around the world, can print from social media and offers Augmented Reality Hyperphotos, which makes pics come to life when scanned by a phone. This portable printer is something that mom can take anywhere and that she can use to print any photo for years and years to come!

5 Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

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Emeril’s 9-in-1 AirFryer has five all-over heating elements that provide an even cook, whether someone is using the custom toaster oven setting for bread, cooking turkey, baking desserts, slow cooking, roasting vegetables, dehydrating jerky… The list goes on. This item is 40 percent faster than regular ovens and has an LCD digital display with 12 cooking functions.

It also comes with a crisper tray, rotisserie spit, pizza rack, baking pan, drip tray. Not to mention Emeril included one of his own cookbooks with the purchase. Yes, anyone would be thrilled to receive this all-purpose appliance that can lead to quick, nutritious and delicious foods.

4 Aofmee Bath Bombs, Lush Fizzies Spa Kit

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Bath bombs are all the rage right now, so it is the perfect time to surprise a mama bear with this set of them. These are 100 percent natural and organic, and they not only clean but also help to moisturize the skin. Just imagine ending the day by soaking in these!

With fragrances like Lavender, Lemon, Fresh Mint, Vanilla, Natural Ocean and Rose, there are several chances here to relax, unwind, de-stress and escape - which all mothers deserve every now and then, especially on the day that is devoted to celebrating them even more than usual.

3 Neil Enterprises Create Your Own Photo Snow Globe

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A snow globe would make a unique gift to give on Mother’s Day, and it would be even better if it came with a personalized photo like this. With this option, two different 2x3 photos can be shown off (one on each side), and one of the four pre-printed inserts can provide a pop of color at the base.

Snow globes are magical decorations, and this one is made of durable plastic, so it is safer to have around kids and pets. And it doesn’t have to be just a photo inside; insert a drawing, a monogram or something else that a mother would definitely love.

2 LParkin Everything I Am You Helped Me to Be Keychain Gift

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Made of stainless steel, this hand-stamped keychain is such an adorable present to consider giving out when Mother’s Day rolls around here pretty soon. Mothers are some of the most hard-working individuals out there, as they spend their days driving to work, taking kids to school then activities, running errands and finding time to fit in social and personal dates, as well.

Now, they can do it all with this trinket on their keyring, which will serve as a constant reminder to them that all of their hard work paid off in the biggest and the best way possible.

1 Infuser Water Bottle 24 Oz

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This last product listed here will lead to water infused with fruit, mint or other herbs and spices. Whether a mom is at home or on the go, she can stay hydrated with naturally delicious water in this stylish and leak-proof bottle.

It is made out of BPA-free Tritan plastic, and it comes with an eBook of 20 infused water recipes that she can try out. Yes, this is yet another amazing thing to keep in mind, since her big day is just around the corner - and she deserves to be celebrated and to receive a considerate present or two!

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