Mother's Day Gift Guide For Moms Of 2 Under 2

Do you know a mother with 2 under 2? Well, then check out these 10 gift ideas to consider when thinking about her gift this Mother's Day!

Do you know a mother who has 2 children under 2? Well, here is a list of 10 things that would be perfect for that mother! These gift ideas can be perfect for your sister, cousin, friend, wife, or daughter that is struggling with super young children. Mother's Day is all about showing moms that they are loved and appreciated. Give her a thoughtful gift this year!

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Spa Gift Card

Mom just needs to get out of the house and do something for her. Her whole life is serving little people who don't appreciate how much she does for them. She just needs a moment where she doesn't have to serve others and people are serving her. Let her get a facial, get her hair done, or even her nails. She really does need to be pampered.

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RING Doorbell

You might have seen commercials and advertisements for the RING doorbell. It is pretty awesome. It is a device in place of your doorbell that allows you to see who is at your door. The video can be broadcasted on your phone. You will get a notification when somebody is at your door whether you are at home, or away. One of the worst things, when you are a mom of young children, is when somebody is at your door while you are trying to wrangle the kids. Then you answer the door and you realize it's a salesperson. Then you think, "I wasted my time on that?" The RING can make it so you don't answer your door to people that you don't know and it provides a safer environment for your family. Moms of young children would love this device, especially if she stays at home with the children.


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Echo Dot or Google Home Mini

Mother's Day gifts should not only be about showing mom that you appreciate them but it is also a time where you can make mom's life easier. Mom is busy chasing after a toddler and a baby and she wants things to help her out. An Echo Dot or a Google Mini can provide a helper. These devices can answer a million questions that your children may have, for example,  "mom, why is the sky blue?" Echo Dot can also help with recipes and can play music. Plus, mom might find herself having conversations with "Alexa." These types of devices would be a perfect gift.

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NEST Thermostat

The NEST is a "smart" thermostat. The best part about the NEST is that is can be paired with your phone so that you can change the temperature by just using your phone. When you're a mother you are sometimes caught up on other things and it's much easier to just whip out your phone and change the temperature. Another cool feature with the NEST is that it can also pair with the Echo Dot as well as the Google Mini. If you have the Echo then all you have to say is, "Alexa, turn the heat to 70 degrees." And then she does the rest. You never have to leave the couch. It is amazing when you are getting really cold while you are nursing that little one.

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Instant Pot

Who has time to make dinner when they have 2 kids 2 and under? If you are the husband, an appliance might not be the best idea, but if you are related to mom in some other way then this is a perfect idea! An Instant Pot can cook some awesome dishes and they are easy for mom with very little prep! Check out these awesome Instant Pot recipes.

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Movie Tickets

Get that mama out on a date! Give her movie tickets so that she is forced to get out of the house and do something for herself. She is always thinking and doing something about those kids. The movie will not stop her from thinking about her babies at home, but it will give her a chance to maybe get her mind off of the stresses of parenthood and motherhood. Heck, if you are not the husband then you should offer to babysit the kiddos while mom gets to go and spend time with her spouse. She would love that! Now, that is a good gift!

Give her a "chore" coupon

Sometimes moms don't just want a tangible gift. Sometimes they want a chore to be done around the house. Moms of two kids under two are too busy trying to spend time with their children and keep the kids alive that she might not have time to get a project done that she really wants to accomplish. Children are kind of time sucks (but we love them anyway). Give mom a coupon to clean out the garage, paint the living room, weed her garden, mow the lawn, or even scrub the inside of her fridge. Some of these things take the back burner because she is so busy with her young babies, so she would love this type of gift. Hey, and throw in some flowers with this coupon!

Fake House Plant

The idea of a real house plant is amazing. All of us moms with young kids want to have beautiful plants and a gorgeous smelling home. However, house plants and flowers are just one more thing to take care of and we just sometimes aren't ready for that responsibility. So, maybe start mom off with a beautiful fake house plant. A couple of some awesome fake plants for moms are succulents and fake cacti.

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Moms are craving the new popular letterboards. The boards are so cute and can be used to announce a child's new milestone, used as a decoration at a party, or a simple home decor item. Each board comes with different letters, numbers, and symbols so that she can write whatever she wants on her board. She would love to add one to a room in her home.

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Gym Membership WITH Kids Care

Okay, Okay, we know what you are thinking, "there is no way that I am giving a woman a gym membership!" Here is the thing, at many gyms they have kids care. Most kids care at gyms can watch your child(ren) for at least an hour a day! That means that mom can get an hour break a day. That sounds pretty amazing. Mom can choose to work-out, swim, take a class, or just not do anything and sit and watch other people work out! Make sure she knows the gym membership is for kids daycare and not because she needs to work out. Trust me, speaking from a mom with 3 kids in 3 years, mom would love this!

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Don't forget the special mom's in your life this year! All mothers deserve to be recognized for how much they do for their families. Let moms know that you appreciate them and that you love what they are doing for their children.

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