Mothers Are Happier With Their Bodies Than Childless Women, Study Suggests

Mothers with children have a better self-image than those women without children.

It comes as no surprise that a study showed that women have dissatisfaction with their bodies. The recent study showed that the majority of women were not happy with their breast size. The study researched women in Italy and it showed that 69% of the 484 women participating in this study were not happy with their breast size and therefore not very happy with their body image. Of those women, 44% of them wanted larger breasts. They were convinced that larger breasts would help them with their self-image and be happier with their bodies.

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The dissatisfaction of breast-size was also associated with other body image problems. The women were said they were not happy with their bodies also fell under the terminology of "perfection self-presentation" which means having issues with their self-image. However, the interesting part about this study was that the women who were mothers did not fall under the same percentage as the women who were childless. The study found that women who were childless were much more likely to be dissatisfied with different aspects of their self-image.

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Viren Swami, Professor of Social Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, said: "Our findings suggest that motherhood may help to decouple the link between perfectionistic self-presentation and breast size dissatisfaction." Psychologists started to analyze these findings and think about theories as to why women with children had better body image. Swami theorizes that women start to think about the functionality of breasts due to breastfeeding as opposed to the aesthetic appeal that breasts may have. Women who have children understand that their bodies brought life into this world and they were able to feed their children with their bodies. They begin to be proud of what their body accomplished as opposed to it being something that is just pretty to look at.

When women create a child with their body and birth their child with their body it brings a sense of accomplishment that childless mothers just don't have. Women who have children are very proud of their stretch marks and they start calling them "warrior wounds." Women begin to understand the purpose of their bodies and they know that their children mean more to them than that "perfect" body. It is important for all women to be proud of their bodies, but it makes sense why moms are proud of their "new" bodies after giving birth. They brought awesome kids into this world!

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