New Movement Supports Paying Stay-At-Home Parents

A current presidential candidate is talking about giving an income to stay-at-home parents.

Being a stay-at-home parent is one of the most under-appreciated roles in our society. People who have never stayed-at-home with their children don't understand the toll it takes on your body. Stay-at-home parents take care of the children and often take care of all of the household tasks as well. They deal with loneliness due to the seemingly continuous isolation. Society can sometimes look down on stay-at-home parents for "not working" and "not contributing" to the financial burden of the household. Not only that but it is also a very thankless job where much of what they do goes unnoticed.

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The question has been asked several times and it is now gaining a little bit more support; should stay-at-home parents get paid for their work? About one in five parents stay at home with their children and 80% of those parents are mothers. Do you think that the economic value of domestic labor should be recognized? Anybody who thinks that a stay-at-home parent has it easy has never actually stayed at home. Stay-at-home parents are just at home eating junk food and watching movies. They are working hard and often never stop serving their families. Both individuals in the relationship are working hard all day however only one person is actually getting paid for their work.


In the book, Stay-At-Home Parents Work Hard. Should They Get Paid Too? by Claire Cain Miller talks about the important topic about whether or not stay-at-home parents should be given some sort of wage for their work. She states that many domestic presidential candidates are proposing that parents who stay home to care for children are paid, too. The proposal is to make it easier for families to have one parent stay at home if they would like to be at home with their children instead of working outside of the home. Many couples both choose to work because they like having a dual income, but many parents would like to stay-at-home but feel like they can't financially manage to live on one income. The proposal would allow more parents the opportunity to stay home if they wish.

There are many arguments for this proposal. Some people believe that this is a great idea to help traditional families. It would give the opportunity for parents to choose to stay at home if they wish. Other people argue that the proposal would be not showing equal rights and it would be pushing women back in the labor force because the majority of stay-at-home parents are women. “The question is: What do we mean by work?” Andrew Yang said on The Daily last month, and gave as an example his wife, who stays home with their sons. “I know my wife is working harder than I am, and I’m running for president. And right now, the market values her work at zero. So we have to think bigger about what we mean by work and value.”

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