10 Times Movies Were Honest About What Pregnancy Is Like

We've all seen those TV shows and movies that have a very, very inaccurate portrayal of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. While it's true that some women have an effortless pregnancy with full hair, glowing skin, and look exactly like they did before they got pregnant but with a cute basketball-like belly, that's not the norm. For most of us, there's morning sickness, melasma, swollen ankles, stomach aches, and so much sweating (maybe that's what the "glow" is?).

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Hollywood isn't totally inaccurate, though. There are some movies that show what pregnancy is really like for most of us. They don't hold back, and any pregnant woman who is watching will certainly be able to relate to some, if not all, of the realities they show.

9 Juno

The movie, Juno, is about a teenager who gets pregnant unexpectedly and carries the baby to term in order to put it up for adoption. Aside from the amazing storyline and acting in this movie, one of the best things is that the character Juno is totally real about pregnancy.

She throws up in a vase from morning sickness, says she has heartburn "radiating in [her] kneecaps", and waddles down the high school hallway once her belly gets so big she can't balance anymore. She really keeps it real.

8 What To Expect When You're Expecting

There are a few different storylines in this movie, but the most real is by far Elizabeth Banks' character, Wendy. Wendy wanted a baby so badly, and it took a lot for her and her husband to finally get pregnant.

She tried to love pregnancy, but she was miserable. Exhausted, sweaty, sick, basically every worst-case scenario you can think of affected poor Wendy. She's the kind of character you want to hug and say "I totally understand".

7 Knocked Up

If you haven't seen Knocked Up before, stop what you're doing and go watch it. We will wait. Okay, now that that's covered, this hilarious movie has so many wonderful things about it, but Allison's reaction to a variety of pregnancy symptoms are so real.

She screams at her partner in the OB's office while he blames her hormones, she watches in horror as her weight goes up, and doesn't want to be intimate with her husband because she swears he's just looking up at her double chins. It's hysterical and so relatable.

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6 Father Of The Bride Part II

Despite being released in 1995, so much of Father of the Bride Part II's storyline is still very much relatable. Annie and Nina are both pregnant in the dead of summer and insist the house be kept at frigid temperatures - so cold that Annie's dad/Nina's husband, George, is wearing a winter coat and hat inside the house.

There are multiple false alarms that lead to late-night hospital trips, utter exhaustion, and pure hilarity.

5 Up

While Ellie's experience in Up isn't everyone's experience, it is a lot of women's. In the opening sequence of the movie, viewers get to see Carl and Ellie's love story, which includes when they found out they were pregnant and the excitement and joy they felt.

They began painting a nursery and making plans, but later Ellie loses the baby and is devastated. Viewers watch the once-cheery young woman as she copes with the loss and her husband as he struggles to make it all better. It's a small piece of the movie, but it's so real for anyone who's lost a pregnancy.

4 Baby Mama

Any movie with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler is worth watching, no matter what, but Baby Mama is top of the list for something to watch during pregnancy. Tina's character struggles to get pregnant and hires Amy's character to be her surrogate.

Amy is forced to make huge changes to her diet and lifestyle as Tina tries not to be jealous of her surrogate having the experience of pregnancy. The twists, turns, and humor are not short in supply, but it's the realness of pregnancy that is the best part of the movie.

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3 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

Okay, the whole "human and vampire get pregnant and mom basically dies because the baby is drinking all of her blood" thing isn't exactly relatable (at least, we hope it isn't!). However, Bella's insistence of doing anything she can to keep her baby safe is absolutely real.

She protects her baby at all costs, sacrifices her own health and well being for it, and even drinks blood to keep it fed (again, not entirely relatable but if that's not a huge measure to take for a baby, we don't know what is).  Bella perfectly depicts that mama bear instinct all moms-to-be seem to have the moment they get a positive pregnancy test.

2 The Backup Plan

The Backup Plan is a hilarious movie starring Jennifer Lopez as Zoe, a woman who has decided to no longer wait to meet Mr. Right to start a family. She gets artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant.

Jennifer's portrayal of pregnancy is spot-on, she eats strange food combinations to satisfy cravings, gets morning sickness, and falls deeply in love with her pregnancy pillow (which is probably the single most relatable thing, ever). It's a good, light movie to watch if you need some laughs and comradery.

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1 Bridget Jones's Baby

Any of the movies in the Bridget Jones franchise are great to watch, but Bridget Jones Baby may be the best. Bridget has never shied away from being a character that women can relate to in general, but her portrayal of pregnancy is next-level good.

She finally embraces her body and stops caring about her weight, struggles to be physically comfortable with her changing body, and has hormones to blame for all kinds of antics. It's good for a laugh, some warm fuzzies, and feeling like you're not alone in the whole pregnancy thing.

When Sex and the City was on TV, Charlotte's storyline was heavy on the fact that she had serious fertility issues. By the end of the series, she and her husband adopted a little girl and finally got to have the family they wanted. In the movie, Charlotte finds out she's pregnant - no fertility medicines needed!

However, she's terrified of losing the baby so she tries to avoid stress, stops running and doing things she loves, and is generally just waiting for the inevitable moment that it all blows up in her face. Her fear, anxiety, and genuine worry for her baby are very much what moms go through, particularly those who've suffered from fertility problems. Charlotte keeps it real, in the best possible way.

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