MSNBC's Katy Tur Blasts Lack Of Paid Maternity Leave After Return To Work

MSNBC's, Katy Tur from Live with Katy Tur shares how she thinks that congress is not placing a priority on creating laws to help parents with leave after having a baby.

Katy Tur just had her first day back at work and she didn't waste a minute to complain about the poor maternity leave laws that we have in this country. She shared the harsh realities of post-partum life and called out congress and Trump for not making maternity leave laws a priority. It is very important for babies to spend as much time with their parents and they need their moms. As much as babies need their moms, moms need their babies. Women shouldn't have to choose between a career and their children. "Parents need time with their babies," Tur said. "Babies need time with their parents. And moms need support, and if that support is coming from a partner, that partner should get equal time off, paid time off, emphasis on paid. Family leave supports babies, which supports us all."

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Tur shares that lawmakers are continually talking about laws to help parents. It feels like they keep talking about paid maternity and paternity leave but then they never do anything about it. They never are actually making laws to make a difference! Tur had a very difficult delivery and an extremely taxing recovery when she gave birth to her first child in April. She was planning on having a natural birth but then ended up having an unplanned emergency c-section. Her incision didn't heal properly and ended up getting infected. She had several other personal medical issues that lead to her getting a psychiatric evaluation. She also really struggled with breastfeeding. Her recovery has been very difficult and put her through a lot physically and emotionally and she now understands how important it is for mothers to get as much time as they need to be with their babies.

She shared how she was very happy that her husband got some time off but then he had to go back to work and then it was just her and the baby. She was trying to still recover while trying to get ahold of the whole parenting thing and it was very difficult for her. She called out both congress and Ivanka Trump and asked them to speak about the matter and she wants to ask them why they haven't tried to make any laws that allow mothers time off for their babies.

Tur said that she got a lot of time off compared to other women. She said that 25% of women go back to work when their child is only 2 weeks old because they don't have enough time saved up to be able to stay home with their children. That is just insane! We should be doing more for our parents!

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