MTV's 'Teen Mom' Prom King And Queen Reveal New Baby's Name

MTV's Teen Mom Prom King and Queen couple, Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn have a whole lot of changes going on right now. The pair, who have been together since their days of junior high school, is in the midst of home renovations, building and expanding a clothing business, working out serious kinks in their marriage as well as their personal mental health and oh yeah, they are having another baby.

Just last week viewers of the show saw Tyler and Cate decide to live apart for some time to better sort out their personal and relationship issues as they both frequented several counselors' offices. They also recently discovered that a new baby would be joining the family, which doesn't seem like really great timing.

According to Tyler, the baby was not at all planned this time around, but the couple is going to go through with their commitments to taking some space and figuring out what they need and want out of life regardless. This separation-pregnancy is a tedious move considering Catelynn struggled with many mental health issues after having their second child, Novalee. She wasn't even sure there for a while that having another baby would ever be a good move considering her severe PPD and anxiety.

Nonetheless, the baby girl is on her way, and the pair went together to a recent 4-D ultrasound to get a better glimpse of their baby-to-be. When asked about a name for little girl number three, Tyler revealed that she would be named Tezlee. The choice of name is unique, but it seems to fall in line with previous naming patterns for the couple. Their first daughter, who Tyler and Catelynn gave up for adoption almost a decade ago, was named Carly. Their second kiddo is called Novalee, and now Tezlee is set to complete the hat trick of daughters with the "y sounding name endings."

While we don't know what the future holds for this young couple who has already fought through so much to be together, we do wish them the best as they take on parenthood for the third time this decade.


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