10 Must-Have Postpartum Products To Help Ease Recovery

It seems like everyone prepares pregnant ladies for what to expect during labor and delivery but few people talk about postpartum recovery. It can be daunting to deal with the aches, pains, and exhaustion after childbirth. The post-baby body is no joke, so be prepared to have a postpartum relief kit. These products will make recovery go much smoother.

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From huge mesh panties to an inflatable donut pillow, we’ve got new moms covered from head to toe. These items will make quite a difference in comfort levels, which is good for mom and baby. Please enjoy this list of 10 must-have postpartum products to help ease recovery.

10 Mesh Panties

One of the most useful items you should add to your postpartum recovery kit is a pack or two of mesh panties. The hospital more than likely will provide you a few pairs after you've given birth, but they’re so comfortable that you’ll want a full supply at your disposal.

Mesh panties aren’t pretty, that’s for sure. During those few weeks after delivery, fashion will be your last concern, I promise. They will help keep your pads in place and it’s so convenient that they are disposable. Go for comfort and practicality because you won’t regret having these on-hand.

9 A Nursing Nightgown

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If you’re planning on breastfeeding your newborn, a comfy nursing nightgown is essential. Once again, we’re going for comfort. You and your baby will be adjusting to a demanding feeding schedule during the first few weeks and beyond. You will want a nighty that offers easy access.

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Of course, there are some really feminine and pretty nursing gowns available to new moms so it wouldn’t hurt to wear some lace. Just be sure to pick a cotton gown as the fabric needs to be breathable to ensure healthy breasts.

8 Sitz Bath Soak

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Many women experience discomfort after giving birth. Your body will be sore and you’ll feel like you ran a marathon. Some new moms tear during delivery and end up with stitches. It’s also common for hemorrhoids to develop during the pushing stage.

Your doctor will probably suggest that you sit in a sitz bath to help ease any discomfort. Be sure to have Epsom salt on hand to add to your bath. Just add ½ a cup of salt into an inch or two of lukewarm water. Ease your way into the bathtub and sit comfortably for 15 to 20 minutes.

7 Maxi Pads

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I hate to break it to you, but you will experience bleeding after you deliver your baby. The flow that your body sheds postpartum is called lochia, which is just a fancy word for blood and mucus. Chances are, you’ll have a heavy flow for up to ten days after giving birth. Then you can experience spotting for up to ten weeks.

So, be sure to have plenty of maxi pads on hand. It would be smart to add a pack to your hospital bag checklist. The nurses will probably provide some for you but it’s always nice to have your preferred brand.

6 Witch Hazel Wipes

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Witch hazel pads are another must-have item that will make your life easier postpartum. This plant-based liquid is amazing for helping calm inflammation and swelling. Your lady-bits will be so happy that you have some of these on hand. Tucks make witch hazel medicated wipes that many new moms rave about.

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Some expectant moms like to make their own pads but we love the convenience and ease of having this handy pack all ready to go. We would suggest keeping a pack in the bathroom and carrying a stash in your diaper bag so it’s always within reach.

5 Stool Softener

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The first time you try to go number two after giving birth can be scary. The truth is, you used a lot of the same muscles to push out your baby and everything is sore down there. Push too hard and it can feel like your vagina is about pop off of your body.

Have no fear because we’ve got a solution to make that first trip to the bathroom much less daunting. The secret is to have some stool softeners in your postpartum recovery kit. This will help soften everything and make the whole process much easier. A lot of new moms prefer brand Dulcolax.

4 Breast Gel Pads

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If you hope to breastfeed your baby, another important item to have in your postpartum arsenal is soothing gel pads for your breasts. Nursing can do a number on your body and many new moms experience some discomfort. Whether you're experiencing sore nipples or engorgement, you’ll be so relieved to have these soothing pads nearby.

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Simply place the pack in your nursing bra and enjoy the cooling relief. We like the Lansinoh Soothing Gel Pads because they are reusable and come in travel-sized packs so you can take them on the go. You will be so happy that you have these, I promise.

3 Peri Bottle

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A wonderful device to add to your recovery item list is a peri bottle. The area between your anus and your vagina is called the perineum and it can be sore and swollen after delivery. The nurses will give you a peri bottle to help you clean yourself after you use the bathroom post-birth.

These bottles spray warm water on your privates and you will be eternally grateful to have one. Some new moms use it on the vagina while going pee to help ease any burning felt during urination. We love the Fridababy Mom Washer for its ingenious design.

2 Donut Pillow

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We’re all about making you as comfortable as possible during the postpartum recovery so you’d be smart to add an inflatable donut pillow to your list of items. These round pillows were designed to help relieve hemorrhoids so they also work great for recovering moms who face soreness after delivery.

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It can be a bumpy car ride from the hospital to your home. Even the slightest movement can be painful so do your body a favor and sit on a donut pillow. We love that they’re small so they’re easy to bring along for travel. These can offer relief when you're sitting anywhere, from the couch to the rocking chair.

1 Pain Relief

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When it comes to topical pain relief, you can’t get much better then Dermoplast. This spray-on medication helps to soothe and numb the skin. Your lady parts will get some much-needed relief if you have this product in your postpartum kit.

It’s best to use after going to the restroom or after a sitz bath. Dermoplast just keeps getting better because it also relieves itchiness, which can come in handy while stitches are healing. This stuff will be your best friend while your body recovers from labor and delivery. Be sure to check with your doctor before you apply it.

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