My Absolute Favorite Things About Motherhood

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It’s crazy; it’s stressful; it’s challenging, and at times, it can make you feel like you are losing your sanity. However, despite all of the hardships, it is, without question, the best job that I have ever had.

Here’s a look at my very favorite things about being a mother.

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15 The Firsts

From the first steps to the first trip to the beach, all of your child’s firsts are like your firsts, all over again. Seeing how excited and awestruck they are makes you excited and awestruck, too. Not to mention the immense pride you feel in being there to watch their firsts or to know that you had something to do with their accomplishments.

A baby’s firsts are usually recorded in a baby book or written down somewhere where years later mom and child can go back and look at what baby was doing at what stage. Those firsts are so important they continue to carry the original excitement and pride for the duration of the memory.

14 The Excitement

From putting a puzzle together to learning how to read, there is so much excitement! And it doesn’t take a three-ring circus for kids to get excited (though they get excited about that, too!) The littlest things, like watching the splash a pebble makes when it’s thrown in the water, kids are so excited about. It’s truly incredible.

Children get excited over things that parents and adults might find mundane. From insects to flowers and snow falling, children have this contagious excitement that you can’t help but to catch. Treasure that excitement because it won’t be long before children grow out of their excitement and become adolescents.

13 The Magic

Childhood is magical. Seeing their faces light up during the holidays, or when they meet their favorite character at a theme park, it’s pure magic – and it makes me believe in magic again, too. Their little faces taking in a fireworks display or wonder at a rainbow, children have a unique perspective of their world and to them it feels as if magic is surrounding them.

You can foster this feeling of magic by introducing them to new experiences or doing simple science experiments with them. My kids love when I show them how static looks like sparklers in the dark or a simple magic trick, they love to try to figure how things work.

12 The Innocence

Adults are jaded. Kids, on the other hand, are innocent creatures. They wonder. They are truly interested. They ask the simplest questions and get excited about the answers. I wish we all could hold onto some of that innocence.

Children also don’t expect the worst in people, they have an altruistic view of their world because their parents and family members have shown them love and generosity so they naturally believe that other people are the same. You can see this innocence when they interact with babies and with each other.

11 The Laughter

A child’s laugh could right all the wrongs in the world. It is sweet. It is pure joy. It is sheer magic. You could be in the worst mood ever, and as soon as you hear your child laugh, you instantly feel better and can’t help but laugh, too. Especially if their laugh is genuine. Nothing sounds better to the ear than the true laughter of children.

Even if your child is putting on a laugh, it’s still a pleasant sound, but a true belly laugh, that is probably the best sound ever. Whether they’re laughing at a silly face you made or something their sibling said or did, that laughter can be quite infectious.

10 Their Humor

Kids are funny, and their humor is genuine. They can tell a joke that makes absolutely no sense, but you can’t help but laugh because it really is funny. Have you ever tried to explain how a knock-knock joke works? Well once your kids get the hang of it, be prepared to run through the “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana,” a few times!

As your children grow they develop their own sense of humor, and they delight in trying to make you laugh. They’ll tell jokes to their friends and siblings, they’ll want to tell you about all the funny things that happened at school. They might even reveal some pranks they’ve pulled on their friends.

In fact, humor is an important development milestone for children.

9 They’re Heartfelt

My kids are more heartfelt and real than most adults I know. They truly care when they see someone hurt, or sad. They pick each other up when they are feeling down, and they pick me up, too. They want nothing but the best for everyone, and they really, really mean it.

Have you seen the video of this child crying because he discovered that a forest was going to be cut down and animals were going to lose their homes. That empathy is what holds us together as family, friends and as a community. Being able to be true to your feelings and to act respectfully with each other is important. If you model this behavior for your kids, they will surely spread good will wherever they go.

8 They’ve Taught Me Patience

Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes. As a parent, you really need to have patience. Prior to becoming a mom, I wasn’t the most patient person in the world. However, my kids have taught me that if you wait it out, and aren’t rushed to get things done, anything is possible.

On the surface patience may not seem like an important tool to teach your kids, but teaching patience means allowing a space for understanding and empathy. It also teaches your kids to respect individuality. When children learn to be patient, they learn to take things in stride, and that is priceless.

7 The Love of Learning

Children are so eager to learn. From tying their shoes to buttoning a shirt, they are so interested in and excited about learning. I love to watch them learn new things, and I love that they have taught me to love learning new things, too.

When children learn something on their own they get a confidence boost and learn to believe in themselves. While it might be hard to watch your child struggle with a simple task, the lesson they learn from doing it themselves is worth the struggle. You’ll have to remind yourself that you won’t always be there to do these things for them. And when you do these things for them, you also rob them of the chance to be independent.

So whether it’s tying their shoes or zipping up their jacket, let them learn how to do it on their own. You can always guide them or give an example, but let them figure some stuff out for themselves.

6 Being their Teacher

On the topic of learning, I absolutely love being my children’s teacher. I love teaching them how to cook, get dressed, read--you name it! It really is incredible to be able to teach your child something, and know that they will carry the lesson for the rest of their lives.

Whether you teach them a song, or a silly poem, being able to share the learning experience with them is special. If you love the feeling you get from teaching your kids new things, you should take them to children’s museums where they can learn about cause and effect and other simple concepts.

Even owning a pet can be a learning experience, whether you already owned a pet before your children came along or you’re considering getting one, pets teach kids responsibility, love and nurturing.

5 They Make a Better Me

I can honestly say that since becoming a mother, I have learned how to be the best person I can be. My kids teach me, every day, how to be a better person. They have taught me patience, acceptance, understanding, and how to love unconditionally. My children have really taught me how to be the best me.

When you see children picking up your habits or repeating things that you say most often, it makes you more aware of who you are as a person. Not to mention the fact that how you interact with your kids makes them delight to be in your presence, so it inspires you to be the best version of you you could possibly be.

4 Having the Opportunity to Shape an Awesome Person

Being able to shape someone into a pretty amazing person is even better than winning the lottery. As a mother, I get to shape my kids into these tiny accepting, patient and kind children who know how to appreciate the things that really matter in life. I can instil real values in them, and they will carry those values forever.

I hope that one day, they can use those values to make the world a little kinder, a little more accepting and a little happier of a place, overall. My kids are awesome little people, and knowing I had something to do with that makes me feel pretty good. Kids are like sponges, they soak up the knowledge around them, and if you’re putting awesome things into your kids, they will be incredible people.

3 The Memories

Every day, my kids and I make incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Even the simplest things, like building sandcastles and splashing in the ocean, or reading a story that they really love before bed, are the moments I will treasure forever. I know they will, too.

Special memories don’t always have to be one day big events, but rather simple things you do for your children everyday. It’s these memories that inspire people to send messages of love in their children’s lunch box, or the reason family traditions take place, because memories are those places in time when you look back and not only see in your mind what took place, but also feel in your heart the same way you did when those events were taking place.

2 The Cuddles and Kisses

I love, love, LOVE the cuddles and kisses I get to share with my kiddos. I can kiss and hug them a million times a day, and I will never get tired of it. Every time my boys cuddle with me, I melt into a puddle and feel so much love and joy, like everything is right in the world. It’s crazy how simple acts of love can melt your heart and make you feel better.

And as much as parents enjoy the cuddles and kisses, the kids also love them. Your love and acts of love are what gives them confidence, teaches them empathy and comforts them when they need a soft place to fall. Never underestimate the power a parent’s love has on their children.

1 The Love

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite thing about motherhood is the love. There is no greater love in the world than the love of a mother, and the love that her children feel for her. My kids know, without a question, that they are loved, And in turn, I know without question, that I am loved just the same.

You’ll know you are loved when your kids only want you when they’re hurt, before bed or when they have something special they want to share. The love your kids feel for you comes with no strings attached, just as your love for them flows freely. Even as they grow older, their love for you doesn’t waver, they still want your love whether they ask for it or not.


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