I Just Want My Kids To Be Good People

It is very common for parents to talk about the people they want their children to become when they get older. Parents fantasize about their children become doctors, dentists, professors or even politicians. They want their kids to be the smartest, the most athletic, and to excel in music. It is very typical for adults to want their children to be the best. Some people might want their kids to be the star in the school play or the captain of the football team. I have met some parents who are planning their children to get a full-ride soccer scholarship, or to be child protegees.

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It's not unheard of for parents to want their kids to be extraordinary and to change the world. You know what, I don't have big dreams for my kids to be famous or rich. I just want them to be good people! Often people define success in different ways. Some may define success as being rich, others may assume it means popular. I don't view it as such. My goal for my children is to be great people! I want them to be kind, selfless and to be quick to do service. I want my boys to put their wives and children first. I want my daughter to be a strong woman who loves unconditionally. I want all of them to value family overall and to never let worldly possessions take their first priority.

I want my kids to be honest with themselves and with others. I want them to not judge others because none of us are perfect. I don't care if they are doctors, dentists, janitors, maids, chefs, professional athletes, or a musician. I really don't. I want people to be able to depend on them and I want them to honor what they believe in! And that is what I hope for my children. There is a lot of bad in this world and a lot of people who just are not making the right decisions. I want my children to be the good in the world. I know a lot of people in this world who have a lot of money but are not great people. I don't wish that on my children. If they are rich, that is totally fine, but I never want them to forget what they stand for as men and women.

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