My Life Would've Been Much Harder If Social Media Was A Thing When I Was Growing Up

When I was a little kid I never knew what I was missing. I didn't know what other people were doing or the experiences they were having. Now, kids have their classmate's lives at their fingertips.

I understand the appeal of social media. I have social media on my phone and I regularly check Facebook. I love being able to catch up with my friends and family that are around the world. I have young children. I have four children, 5 and under, and I love that family who don't live around here get to see my children grow up. I love it! My life gets busy and it would be really hard to keep up with everybody over email, snail-mail, or calling on the phone. So, I am very happy that social media was created. However, I am so glad that it wasn't a thing when I was growing up and I fear for my children.

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When you are growing up it's very natural to compare yourself to others. Heck, I still do that as a grown woman. When I was a little girl I remember being super jealous when I would hear about all of the fun things that my classmates were doing. A girl named Ashley went to the Backstreet Boys concert and she claimed that she got to touch Brian's hand. The thing is, when you hear about something cool happening, it has much less of an effect than when you see a picture of it!


I really struggled with my confidence. I thought I was fat, ugly, and I had no style. I really didn't like who I was and I compared myself to all of the beautiful girls around me at my school. I would have been a complete wreck if I would have had access to a million pictures of girls around my age looking beautiful, doing amazing things, and living a glamours life! I would have been too young to understand that social media life is not reality. I am so glad that I never had any social media. I did have a Myspace but it wasn't really the same thing. Plus, I never even looked at my page. I am sure I still have one somewhere.

I am afraid for my children now that they are living in a world of technology. I fear that they will have a tough time distinguishing reality and what people want to portray as their reality. My children will now have easier access to the new fads, the cool new trends, the best technologies, and new latest toys. I just came across an article the other day where a 10-year-old girl created her Christmas list full of luxurious items that totaled up to around $10,000! Do you want to know what I wanted when I was 10 years old? A blow-up plastic chair shaped like a soccer ball. I am afraid of what social media is doing to our children's ideas of what a life should be and I fear it is becoming more materialistic world!

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