10 Names Celebrities Are Naming Their Babies In 2019

Celebrity parents seem to have a way of picking the most distinctive names for their kids. Many of them are outlandish but every now and then, our favorite celebs come up with some interesting monikers. It could be fun to draw inspiration from Hollywood when it comes to settling on a name.

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From unique titles that just seem to stand out to traditional names that are poised to become cool, we’ve compiled a list that might help expectant parents think outside of the box. Please enjoy this list of 10 Names Celebrities Are Naming Their Babies In 2019.

10 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Psalm

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose a name with a Biblical bent for their fourth child. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and her hubby named their son Psalm. This one has a spiritual vibe to it but also has a pretty sweet meaning.

Psalm is a Hebrew name that means “song”. It seems fitting for Kanye to bestow a name as grand as this to one of his children. A little boy named Psalm will lead a blessed life. It’s not a very common name but we predict it will see a rise on the charts, thanks to Psalm’s famous parents.

9 Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Birdie Mae

Jessica Simpson and her husband selected a very Southern name for their little girl and named her Birdie Mae. How sweet is that? These two names just seem like they were made to go together, although, each of them could stand on their own two adorable feet. We love that Birdie is a nature name, which is currently trending.

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This one has an “old lady cool” vibe that seems timeless enough to stay relevant, even when trends shift a different way. Your daughter would be cute as can be if you follow Simspon’s footsteps and name her Birdie Mae.

8 Koby & Vanessa Bryant: Capri

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa opted for a moniker with an international flair and named their daughter Capri. This checks the box for being a “place name”, which is becoming more and more popular with parents these days. We can’t help but think of the island of the same name in Italy.

Who knows? Maybe the exotic location holds a special place in their hearts? It appears by Kobe’s caption to the birth announcement that they’ve given their little girl the cutest nickname, “Koko”. Endearing, distinctive, and dramatic, this one is sure to please even the most avid travelers.

7 Gordon & Tana Ramsay: Oscar

It seems appropriate that celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, and his wife, would name their son Oscar. Known for being a bit of a grouch himself, it’s so ironic that he named his little boy after the grumpy monster, Oscar the Grouch from the children’s show, Sesame Street.

Oscar is an Irish name that means champion warrior. Despite the association with a green puppet, it’s a classic name that has held its place on the charts over the decades. It may not be popular now but it has a timeless sensibility that gives it a bit of an edge.

6 Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: Ivy Jane

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Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald gave their little girl the most precious name, Ivy Jane. We love the botanical inspiration behind this one and think that Jane makes such a great middle name. The two monikers just seem to work perfectly together.

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Ivy has seen an uptick on the charts since Beyonce and Jay-Z named their daughter Blue Ivy. Jane is an English name that means God is gracious. It may seem simple but there’s something to be said for an uncomplicated name. Jane is one of those monikers that never goes out of style. Ivy Jane is too cute to pass up.

5 Amy Schumer & Chris Fisher: Gene

You might think that someone as funny as Amy Schumer would pick a quirky name for her son. The comedian and her husband, Chris Fisher, surprisingly gave their little boy the traditional name, Gene. This is such an old man name that it last had a heyday in the 1930s. Although, it is charming in a dapper way.

Gene is a Greek name that means “noble”. We love that it has such a dignified meaning. It’s also a variation on the very buttoned-up name, Eugene. Classy, masculine, and refined, Gene is the perfect title for a little gentleman.

4 Jason & Brittany Aldean: Navy

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Country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany gave their daughter a very unique moniker. The couple named her Navy and we think that it’s just so darling. This one would be perfect for parents who serve in the military.

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It’s also is a “color name", so if you love the color blue then this might be just right for you. Navy is a gender-neutral option but we think that’s a lovely name for a little girl. This is another moniker that hasn’t seen much action on the charts but we think that means it’s just waiting to be claimed.

3 Alanis Morissette & Mario Treadway: Winter Mercy

Alanis Morissette and her husband seem to have a penchant for picking profound and spiritual names for their children. From Onyx Solace to Ever Imre, it’s fitting that they named their third child Winter Mercy. This may seem like yet another case of a celebrity giving their child a wacky name but we think this one is actually kind of cool.

We love that it’s a combination of a “season” and a “virtue” name. Winter seems to have a magical feel to it and Mercy isn’t a name that you hear a lot on the playground. That makes this one a winner in our book.

2 Derek Jeter & Hannah Davis Jeter: Story Grey

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Derek and Hannah Davis Jeter are very private when it comes to their children but they gave their daughter the most delightful name. They opted for Story Grey. This one just sounds like it came straight from the pages of a fairytale.

These two names are so whimsical and romantic when they’re put next to each other. It’s like they were made to go together. If you’re a book lover hoping to give your daughter a literary-inspired name then Story could be just what you’re looking for. We also think that Grey is an original choice for a middle name.

1 Nicole Polizzi & Jionni LaValle: Angelo

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jionni LaValle love giving their children Italian names. So, it’s no shock that they named their third child, Angelo. This old-school moniker has been around the block a few times, holding steady on the charts since 1910. That’s some serious staying power.

Angelo is an Italian name that means angel or messenger. Religious parents might be attracted to this one for its spiritual meaning. You’d be wise to add this one to your list if you want something that sounds smart and pleasant. If it’s good enough for Snooki’s kid then it’s good enough for your son.

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