10 Names Perfect For A Libra Baby

If you are expecting and your due date is on or between September 23 and October 23 then you are going to have a Libra baby! The zodiac sign that your little one is going to be born under can tell you a lot about how they are going to be when they are older. But choosing the right name for your baby can be difficult. You want a name that you and your child is going to love, but is also going to suit their personality. So keep reading to find out the ten names that are perfect for a Libra baby!

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10 Oakley

An uncommon name that people are going to love once they hear it is the name, Oakley. Oakley is one of the names that you do not hear too often but it is still common enough people would not judge them. MomJuction.com says that the name Oakley means charming.

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Many Libra people are known for being smooth and charming. It is all just a part of their personality that they love making new connections with people and that is why Oakley would be a splendid name for your little boy.

9 Linda

A classic name that people love is the name, Linda. Linda is a sweet name that your Libra daughter will love to have. Names.org has reported that the name Linda means pretty. Libras are known for their love of beauty and looking for the good in anything. A name like this will let your girl live a beautiful life that she creates on her own. Make sure to give your daughter a name that will be a memento to live like her zodiac sign and name your little one Linda.

8 Justin

Justin is a charming name that we know your son will love at any age of his life. According to Names.org, the name Justin is taken right from the word justice. Since Libras are known for their peacekeeping and justice a name like Justin would be perfect for them.

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Justin is a perfect name for anyone who wants to have an eye on equality in the world they live in. Inspire your son to live a life full of justice for the things he believes in and give your little one the name Justin.

7 Olive

A sweet name that is perfect for any little girl is the name Olive. Olive is not only a wonderful name it is also a fantastic name if you are expecting a Libra girl. A trait that Libras are known for having is being a peacekeeper among their friends. This is because Libra do not live confrontations and they want peace for everyone in their lives. So the name Olive is a great tribute to being a Libra sign is the name Olive can be taken from an olive branch which is what people extend when they want fighting to stop.

6 Kenneth

If you are looking for a classic name that will sound good as a kid or as a grown man for your son, then you want to add the name Kenneth to the list. Names.org has stated that the name Kenneth means fair and with Libra’s being about justice this name would suit your son perfectly.

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The name Kenneth is perfect if you are looking for a name that can be shortened to a nickname! Wither you call your son Ken, Kenny, or stick with Kenneth they will be happy then you gave this name to them.

5 Dove

When you find out that you are having a little girl it can be exciting, but selecting the right name for her can be hard. You want a name that will be a representation of who she is and how she lives, and that is why Dove is a great name. Names.org has shown that the name Dove means peace. Since Libras are known for keeping the peace and believing in justice this name would be great for a Libra girl. Give your little one a name that will inspire her to leave a peaceful life and name your daughter Dove.

4 Ethan

Do you want your son to be able to grow up being lovable and friendly to those he meets? Than Ethan is an excellent name to give to your son since Names.org has reported that the name Ethan means friend to all.

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Being a friend to all is very much a Libra trait since they love peace, being social, and are naturally very lovable. What parent wouldn’t want their child to be friendly to others? Let your child be a friend to anyone who needs it by inspiring him with the name Ethan.

3 Freya

Freya is a classic name that any little girl would love to have as she grows up. Names.org mentions that the name Freya means beauty. With Libras being an air sign they can see the beauty in everything and tend to have an eye on the creative fields. Freya is also a name that has recently started to gain more popularity over the last few years. Though this name was popular back in the 1940s in 2017, there where over 1,000 girls born with this name in the United States.

2 David

Many personality traits are linked to the Libra zodiac sign. For example, justice, creativity, and fashionable are all well-known Libra traits, but a trait that tops them all is the trait love. If you are a parent that is expecting your baby to be born under the Libra sign then you want to give them a Libra name like David.

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Names.org states that the name Davis means beloved by many people. Naming your son David will let him live his life surround be people that love him. So make sure to add the name David to your list right away!

1 Amanda

If you are having a little girl, one of the best names you can give her that is perfect for your personality is Amanda. According to Names.org, the name Amanda means worthy of love and since the Libra zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, this name would be a constant reminder to your daughter that she is worthy of your love, her friends love, and her future partner’s love. So give a name that your daughter will surely enjoy and name her with a Libra name like Amanda.

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