Nanobébé Bottle Is Changing The Way Mom's Milk Is Stored And Fed

The benefits of breastfeeding are huge, with the medical community concluding that "breast is best" for feeding an infant up until about six months. While there's certainly a lot to be said for formula feeding too, breastfeeding can promote a bond between you and your baby, as well as give them nutrients they may not be able to get from powdered milk. There's no doubting that breastfeeding is great, but it can also be impractical for a lot of moms.


If you're a working mom, or simply a mom with a lot on her to-do list, stopping for all of your baby's meals can be downright impossible. Many mothers choose to express their milk and bottle it, so they can give it to their child conveniently. However, although it's a great idea, breast milk can lose some of its quality as soon as it is expressed into the bottle. Nutrient degradation begins when the bottle has been left too long at room temperature, or when it takes too long to be cool enough to put into the fridge. Not only that, but re-heating is a tricky business, too. Not heating it properly can destroy some of the precious proteins that are essential to a newborn. This is where nanobébé comes in.

The uniquely designed bottle kicks the cooling problem to the curb, while simultaneously solving the problem of overheating. The specially shaped dome style of the bottle has a deep concave in the base, that gives the bottom a wider exposure, keeping the milk within spread out thinly. This means that it will quickly cool in the fridge and reheat in a jiffy too.

Users of the bottle also attest to it being easier to use than traditionally shaped vessels. The breast-like shape of the bottle makes for a smoother transition from breast to bottle and is perfect for combination feeding. Not only is the product a hit with parents, but it's cheap to buy too. You can purchase a pack of 3 from Amazon for just $23.

Have you tried the nanobébé bottle? Will you now that you know more about it? Let us know in the comments!


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