Nashville Mothers Charged With Infant's Murder Months After Deadly Fire

Trigger: Child death.

Mothers are supposed to love and protect their children no matter what. Aside from taking care of them, it's the most important aspect of parenting. However, not all mothers are capable of doing this. Some are neglectful for purely selfish reasons; they'd rather do whatever they want instead of care for their children. This foolish decision can lead to dire consequences.

Case in point: a mother's decision to leave her children home to go out clubbing led to the fiery death of her baby. That resulted in 24-year-old Nashville mom Ryana Davenport being arrested and charged with murder for the death of her daughter, 9-month-old Jream Jenkins. Also arrested for this incident was Davenport's friend and fellow mom- 26-year-old Gevona Smith- who had been out clubbing with Davenport at the time.

It all started back in July of this year, when a fire broke out at the Hickory Lake Apartments on Apache Trail in Antioch, Tennessee at 2AM local time. In one of those apartments was Davenport's daughter, Jream, as well as her five other children. One of them included a two-year-old name Jerez Broadnex. Smith had also left her children- who were aged six, four, two, and one year old at the time- in the same apartment unit. A youth services investigation would later reveal that no babysitter was present when the fire broke out.

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Sadly, baby Jream passed away from smoke inhalation. Davenport's two-year-old son continues to be hospitalized, although her remaining children seem to be okay. All of Smith's four children were subsequently treated for smoke inhalation, too. An arson investigator has since come out and said that the cause of the fire was from a candle was left burning and unattended to in Jream's room.

It's also been suspected that all of the children were drugged so that they would sleep peacefully while Davenport and Smith were out on the town. The drug in question is melatonin, which is known to help people sleep better. Despite these suspicions, testing for melatonin wasn't able to be conducted.

Metro Nashville police finally arrested Davenport this past Monday at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. She's been charged with felony first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated child neglect, four counts of child neglect, and two counts of aggravated child endangerment. She remains in jail on a $250 000 USD bond. Meanwhile, Smith turned herself in earlier on that day. She's been charged with felony first-degree murder, four counts of child endangerment, two counts of aggravated child neglect and four counts of child neglect. Smith also remains in jail, with her bond set to $150 000  USD.

While the investigation into this tragic case continues, our thoughts are with baby Jream, her siblings and Smith's children.

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