Natalie Imbruglia Gives Birth To A Baby Boy Called Max Born Though IVF

Natalie Imbruglia has a lot of titles — singer, songwriter, actress, model — but now, she can add "mom" to the list as the star revealed she gave birth to a baby boy.

The star posted on Instagram, revealing the baby's name is Max Valentine Imbruglia. This news comes just around three-months after she broke the news that she conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF), using a sperm donor. Max is Imbruglia's first child, though, she admitted she's wanted a child for a long time. With that said, she didn't want to share too many details with the world regarding either the baby's conception or birth.

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Still, her 322,000 followers got the notification, and the post has blown up with over 61,000 likes and 3,000 comments — some of which from fellow celebrities.

“Welcome Max and congratulations Nat!” writes fellow Australian superstar Kylie Minogue — who, interestingly enough, worked on the same TV show as Imbruglia, though their appearances were years apart.

“Yay!!! Hello, Max! Welcome indeed. So glad you're here safe and sound. Congratulations, mama!!” says Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

According to Procrea Fertility, the first person born through IVF came into the world in 1978, and since then it's become a very serious option for individuals struggling with fertility. Yet, while it's a great alternative for anyone, there's a lot to consider before deciding on this option.

They say there are several stages women will have to go through. The first is "Ovarian Suppression", where patients artificially reduce their estrogen levels to replace their natural cycle with something more controlled in the second stage. By the third stage, patents then trigger egg maturation through a hormone. Then, in stage four, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized. Once that happens, in stage five, the embryo can be transferred to the patient. It's a long process, and there are risks involved. These include multiple births, or, like any pregnancy miscarriage.

Not only that, but the success rate of IVF procedures does vary based on age, according to Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. They say that for women under 35, the success rate is 29 percent, while over the age of 44 — Imbruglia's age — the chances of the procedure being successful sit at three percent.

As for Imbruglia, her life is about to get even busier than it already is. Though, she probably knows that already.

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