Nate Berkus Nursery Plans For New Baby Boy

Nate Berkus and hubby Jeremiah are expecting a baby boy any day now, however, the renowned interior designer isn’t getting a nursery sorted until his baby boy is here!

Nate Berkus, famously known for his work and appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, is revealing why he won’t be making any nursery plans for his son until his arrival.

Nate and husband Jeremiah Brent have an incredibly busy spring ahead of them! The duo’s daughter, Poppy, will be turning 3 years old on March 24. The two will be working on their design show together, titled Nate & Jeremiah by Designs returning to TLC on April 7, 2018. They’ll be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary come this May. And finally, they are awaiting the birth of their second child, a baby boy. Sounds like the two have their calendars set for the next few months!

Via Out Magazine

When asked about their daughter Poppy’s birthday bash coming at the end of the month, the couple told PEOPLE, “It may just be a low-key, the three of us kind of a thing.” In the meantime, the designer duo has started planning what their son’s nursery will look like, but won’t have it coming to fruition just yet.

“We have a lot of things ordered, but I’m Jewish so I have a superstition against it,” admitted Berkus. The superstition seems to be stopping him from getting things done on the nursery until his boy is actually here. Berkus continued by saying, “But it’ll be, I think, a masculine version of our daughter’s room. It’ll probably be brown, tan, and grey, black and white. That’s our guess.” We have no doubt it’ll be stunning.


Although Berkus has his reservations about baby no. 2’s nursery, he says his daughter, Poppy, is looking forward to becoming a big sister. “She’s very happy. She’s a very sweet girl and she’s very maternal, which is interesting,” he said. Berkus also revealed how “she’s also very clear on what her brother is allowed to play with and what he isn’t, and what she’s willing to help out with. So we’ll see how that pans out!”

Seems as if 3-year-old Poppy is very territorial. We’re very excited for the arrival of Nate and Jeremiah’s baby boy, which is expected “any minute” according to Berkus. We’re sure when the nursery comes to life, it’ll be nothing short of a gorgeous room!

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