7Are Baby Products Really That Harmful ?

Hidden behind a laundry list of ingredients that we can’t even begin to pronounce, traditional baby care products contain toxins and chemicals that are destroying your baby’s health, and the planet.

Just a few generations ago, the only baby care products available were truly all natural and eco friendly. Soa

was made with lye, fats, and water, diapers were cloth, and babies were either breastfed or drank goat’s milk from glass bottles.

Today, our babies are diapered in disposable diapers, fed formula from cans, and scrubbed with chemical compounds that you would need a science lab to recreate.

We’ve traded truly safe, natural products, for convenience and chemicals. Research done by the Environmental Working Group, showed that there were over two hundred industrial chemicals and toxins evident in the bloodstream of newborns that were tested by two separate laboratories.

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