Natural Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Without Wasting Money

If you don't want to start spending money before you conceive, but you're ready to start trying for a baby, are there any ways you can naturally get pregnant easily without all the apps and tests?

Ovulation is the most likely time in a woman's cycle for getting pregnant. While it is true that you can get pregnant at any point in your cycle, you're almost completely unlikely to get pregnant at all during your period.

Your body goes through a cycle every month. It starts with and ends with you being on your period.

It's recommended to wait until you're close to ovulation then "try" with your partner every other day to conceive. This helps the man's sperm count build and makes it more likely to result in a baby.

If you have extra pounds, losing even a small amount can increase your odds. If you don't have extra weight, being more physically active can help. Eating foods high in antioxidants can help boost fertility, eat a larger breakfast. There are studies showing that eating a larger breakfast can help PCOS and women without the condition can also benefit from the majority of their calories coming in the morning by a reduction in their testosterone and insulin levels.

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Avoid trans-fat and reduce empty carbs intakes, eat more fiber and try taking multivitamins. Lowering your caffeine and alcohol intake and upping your iron intake can also help.

Weight gain, soda, smoking (quit if you can now!) are all things to avoid when trying to get pregnant. Additionally, you should try to lower your daily stress, avoid or cut way down on alcohol and caffeine, high mercury fish, and make sure that your partner is doing his part as well.

The symptoms of ovulation vary from woman to woman but the most common are cramping on one side of your abdomen (ovary), a sticky, clear discharge that has a similar consistency to egg whites and is odorless.

If you're under the age of 35 and have been trying over a year or over 35 and trying six months, it's important to see a doctor to rule out medical problems. Different couples take different amounts of time to successfully conceive, most don't after just one time but getting pregnant doesn't have to take large amounts of money.

If it's taking a long time, there are medical problems that cause infertility and many more factors than the ones listed, but most can be treated or taken care of if caught by a doctor. We always recommend speaking with your doctor before trying any home remedies.

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