Navy Dad Participates In Gender Reveal While Overseas

While overseas, Navy Soldier figured out gender of baby!

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A new tradition that has started popping up in the last few years is the use of gender reveal parties to reveal the sex of the unborn baby. It has become such a fun event for all the couple's family and friends, and often the couple as well, to figure out the gender of the baby that is expecting to arrive. We have seen some amazing reveals. Some reveals have included cakes, balloons, silly string, fireworks, streamers and we even heard of a couple arranging a jet to spill out blue exhaust to show the couple they would be having a boy! A new gender reveal that we just found has brought us all to tears, because it involves a father who is currently stationed overseas.

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Navy Sailor Cody Watson is serving over seas in Spain. Right before he left for deployment he found out that his wife would be expecting a baby. He knew that he would miss most of her pregnancy and some of the big exciting moments like figuring out the gender of their sweet new addition. Courtney, his wife, decided that she wanted her to be able to experience a part of the pregnancy, so she planned a gender reveal where he would find it out in a fun way!

Courtney found out the gender of the baby and had to keep it a secret from her husband, so he could figure it out in a fun way. She sent Cody a football that was filled with powder reflecting the gender of the baby. She sent it to Spain. Cody took the football in his hands and was able to kick the ball as hard as he could. Once he kicked the football, the blue powder burst everywhere indicating that they would be having a baby boy! One of the other military men video recorded the event and let Courtney watch the video.

News Channel 9

Courtney was able to watch the video of her husband doing the gender reveal. She could tell how over the moon excited he was to be finding out that he would be having a boy. The couple have another son together and he is about to turn two years old. They are excited to have another boy, but they didn't care about the gender as long as the baby is healthy and happy. Courtney was very excited that she was able to have Cody find out the gender in a fun way and in front of his other Navy friends.

What a fun way to share this experience! Cody, thank you for your service! Thank you two for the sacrifice you guys are making for our country and congratulations on the baby boy!

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