Nebraska Woman Who Suffered Head Injury During Pregnancy Has Delivered A Healthy Baby Girl

Jacki and Chuck Dostal experienced a Thanksgiving miracle: their baby survived despite a horrible car accident while Jacki was pregnant. The couple has been trying for a child for so long, and the thought of losing this little one is devastating. Thankfully, everyone came out of the experience okay.

The couple has been trying for a baby for eight years. Their attempts and research led them to the Methodist Women’s Hospital. After years of treatment, the only method that worked was IVF. It worked, and the couple was so excited for their first ultrasound six weeks after they found out the good news. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to this first appointment.

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On the way there, the couple’s car was smashed by another just blocks away from the hospital. Chuck was diagnosed with a concussion, and Jacki had many more serious injuries. The doctors believed she needed long-term care after the accident because she suffered from a traumatic brain injury. By some miracle, the six-week-old fetus survived through the accident. The second the couple saw the first ultrasound, they both burst into tears—relieved that they didn’t lose her.

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In early October, Chloe finally entered the world. Jacki was able to safely deliver her with the help of amazing doctors and the support of her loving husband. She still struggles with walking and speaking, but seeing her baby grow is the only motivator she needs to get through the tough times. Thankfully, she has a good support system around her to help with both her own physical recovery and caring for the new little girl.

This Thanksgiving, the couple is truly celebrating the life of their daughter. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, a light was brought into their world, and they cannot be more grateful. The pair still has a lot to go through, especially with Jacki’s injuries, but they both know that they can get through it together. Chloe survived through the traumatic incident, and she shows them every day that they can get through any hardship. As they sat down and ate a wonderful meal together this past Thanksgiving, all they can do is smile and be grateful for their luck in life.

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