This Is How A Neck Pillow Can Keep Your Baby Sitting Upright In Shopping Carts

Shopping carts aren't exactly the most comfortable place for your kids to sit, but supplying them with a neck pillow will make things a whole lot easier.

Human babies require a lot more care than any other newborn in the animal kingdom. Most creatures are almost ready to go from the first minute, and simply need to be near their mothers for food and a little protection early on. Our kids, on the other hand, are completely helpless for months. They can't even hold their own heads up. That's due to the fact human brains have a lot more growing to do after the birthing phase.

Kids not being able to support themselves physically can lead to some tricky situations. Parents out there will know the pain of trying to make up a bottle or pick up a diaper bag while simultaneously trying to stop your baby's head from lolling around. If you've not been there take it from us, it's stressful.

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A trip to the store can cause similar issues. Shopping carts have come with little seats for your baby for as long as we can remember. However, it's hardly the comfiest place in the world, and little ones who still have issues supporting themselves often need to be watched constantly, thus making the trip exponentially more stressful. Enter one mom's handy hack that is going to make every parent's life a lot easier.

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Even better, it's probably something you have lying around the house. A neck pillow. Not to go around your baby's neck, obviously, but to go around your baby's middle. Jazz shared the idea on Kmart Mums Australia and as you can see in the photo above, it works a treat. The mom-of-three also pointed out that many neck pillows come with a hook that she has been using to attach a toy.

The idea has blown up among parents online with some revealing what they've resorted to doing up until now. One mom even said she usually packs cat food around her little one to stop them from wriggling and keep them comfy. The pillow also gives your child somewhere to rest their head should they want to take a nap. Doing the weekly shop isn't as entertaining for them as it is for us.

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