Needle-Free IVF Revolutionizes Fertility Treatments

A pioneering fertility clinic in New York City has begun treating IVF patients with a unique method. New Hope Fertility is the first clinic in the United States to offer IVF with NO needles! Coined “needle-free IVF”, this method of treatment is ideal for patients who are prone to Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. For decades, IVF has involved hundreds of needles, daily injections, and regular blood draws. With this advance, doctors hope to improve the IVF experience for women everywhere. Some even predict needle-free IVF will lead to improved egg quality during an IVF cycle!

What Is Needle-Free IVF?

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Needle-free IVF is exactly what it sounds like! By using a series of pills and nasal sprays, reproductive endocrinologists are able to create ideal cycles for conception. Just like traditional IVF, the goal is to produce, retrieve, and fertilize eggs, so the doctor can implant healthy embryos.

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The majority of needle usage during an IVF cycle happens in the “produce” stage. In order to trick the body into maturing several eggs at once, patients administer a strict hormone regiment via injection. These hormone levels are subsequently monitored by blood draws. During needle-free IVF patients do not administer hormones by injection, but orally with pills. Hormone levels are monitored through saliva and urine analysis. A nasal spray is also used to stimulate egg maturation, with a final spray used as a “trigger” to push ovulation. From that point on, needle-free IVF looks very similar to its more injection-heavy counterpart.

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Why Use Needle-Free IVF?

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Admittedly, needle-free IVF is not the same as traditional IVF. New Hope Fertility also offers “mini-IVF”. The goal with both treatments is to minimize the hormones pumped into the body. Research suggests that too many fertility drugs can actually lead to poor egg quality, so New Hope tries to prevent that from happening.

Reproductive endocrinologists are the best resource for determining the next steps in a fertility plan. Of course, not every doctor shares the same perspective or practice. Some doctors think this needle-free IVF process isn’t effective enough for their patients. Others would rather “go big or go home” and try the heaviest-hitting drugs from day one.

Who Can Use Needle-Free IVF?

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New Hope Fertility says the best candidates for needle-free IVF include women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a phobia of needles, or who just want a more natural method to conceive. Patients who have tried more traditional forms of IVF come to New Hope because they want to avoid some of the more unpleasant complications of IVF. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) affects about 10% of women who choose traditional IVF. Essentially, the drugs used to promote egg production make the ovaries become swollen and inflamed. In severe cases, the condition can even lead to blood clots!

For patients who have had OHSS in the past, traditional IVF might be too severe. Needle-free IVF could be an option to avoid this complication with future attempts to conceive.

New Hope Fertility has created just that - new hope - for couples struggling with infertility. With the introduction of Needle-Free IVF, more women have options to achieve pregnancy. Future families may never know the frustration of endless injections and blood draws. And that’s a huge reason to celebrate!

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