Neev Spencers Has Announced Her Second Pregnancy

Neev Spencers has taken the world by surprise with the announcement of her second pregnancy. Neev had embraced the Duchess of Cambridge brigade of focusing on the issue that is maternal mental health. The difficulties faced in Specners' first pregnancy are common knowledge, yet she is ready to take the plunge all over again.

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The famous KISS FM DJ and charity campaigner went through postnatal depression with her first child Genevieve, now two and a half. Despite overcoming this obstacle, she's know happily expecting her second child with her advertising professional husband, Chan.

"I went from longing to have one baby to being blessed to be able to have two."

Neev, now 35, is aware of the anxieties sometimes associated with motherhood. While battling postnatal depression, she had been motivated to work with the charity Heads Together, founded by the Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge; and her brother-in-law Prince Harry.

"I think there's more stigma attached to maternal mental health than many other types of mental health," says Neev. "That's because a lot of women are concerned about the repercussions of saying, 'I'm not okay.' Hence, when the Duchess spoke up about it, she gathered some momentum.

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The Duchess of Cambridge in a rendezvous with Spencers discussed honestly about the reality of motherhood, including an at length discussion with postnatal depression. Spencers, on her part, opened up for the first time on her own experience with mental health after the birth of her daughter, and the video was released for the Duchess’ ‘Heads Together’ campaign. Middleton, along with husband Prince William and Prince Harry, have always been extremely vocal about mental health and have been supportive of a range of mental health charities.

Spencers was aware of the taboo associated with mental health worldwide, so her first time speaking about depression and anxiety  was a bold call. In her meeting with the Middleton at Kensington Palace, Spencers had also discussed how she had first spoken about her postnatal depression with a friend in Australia via FaceTime. Middleton had shared with Spencers that it is a very “hard” thing to come clean about the pressures of being a new mother. She too agreed parenthood is not easy, and that no amount of preparation is enough.

“It’s such a hard thing to open up, as you feel so much pressure as a new mummy,” Spencers told Middleton. “I felt like I had to talk about it.”

"She's so lovely and genuine," Spencers later said to the media. "She was talking about motherhood, how she had mixed emotions and didn't know how to feel – and how much pressure we put on ourselves and how you can never prepare yourself to be a mum."

With her second baby due in July, Sepncer acknowledges being inspired by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex for her pregnancy style. "She has rocked the bump, she's inspired me, she looks so fit, healthy, glowy and gorgeous. I love her bump style."

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Spencers clearly is awestruck by the Duchess, and is now ready to deal with her second pregnancy. She has been there, done that and now she is all set to embrace the joy of a new baby once again!

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