Angry Neighbor Warns Community To Stop Handing Out ‘Cheap’ Candy This Halloween

A neighbor shares how the parents should not be purchasing Jolly Ranchers, Smarties and other cheap candy because they are in an affluent neighborhood.

One neighbor has had enough of the "cheap" candy that gets handed out in their neighborhood. This person shared a post on their neighborhood watch page that has since become viral. Their name has been removed so we don't know who this person is but the internet has rightfully nicknamed the individual Karen.

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Karen said that there were about four weeks until Halloween and so she wanted to make sure everybody knew what candy was to be expected. She told all the families that for the past three years there have been a lot of unwanted candy that has infiltrated their Halloween and it is just not acceptable. She told the parents that they should stop purchasing the "cheap" candy because there is no need for candy such as Smarties and Jolly Ranchers. They should be handing out full-sized candy bars. Karen did give permission to keep the fun-sized candy if they had already made their purchase but to not do it again. She also pointed out that the elderly have been giving out pennies but that is just not acceptable. They should be giving out candy or quarters. Karen made it quite clear that children were wasting their time going to a house that gets a penny when they could be spending their time elsewhere.

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She reminded the community that since they are an "affluent" neighborhood that their candy should reflect their status. Karen pointed out that the cheap candy might be okay for other neighborhoods but not for their neighborhood. As expected, Karen was attacked and the entire post became one big joke. Many people suggested that Karen wasn't actually an adult at all. They believed it was a group of kids who got together and created the post. Others were convinced that the person writing it was just a parent who likes to steal their kid's Halloween candy and was fed up with Jolly Ranchers.

Either way, we're thinking that families are going to think very little about this post and will continue to hand out the candy that they were planning on in the first place!

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