Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Won't Be Getting Their 9-Year-Old Twins Cell Phones Right Now

David Burtka shares that he refuses to get his 9-year-old twins cell phones already.

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Our favorite celebrity parents Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka now have 9-year-olds! We cannot believe that the twins are already 9-years-old! Weren't they just babies, like yesterday? It blows our minds! Neil shared a picture on his Instagram of the twins when they were babies and then a picture of the twins now that they are nine. He captioned the post, "Harper and Gideon. NINE. It's remarkable to me how quickly they age, and how quickly they continue to make me feel inept. Deeply proud, no doubt. But also, inept. #grateful." Being a parent can certainly make you feel "inept" you are not alone in feeling that way! We also all understand how quickly kids grow up and it is not fair! Why do they have to grow up so quickly?

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Burtka was seen on PEOPLE and he was talking about his children with Halloween coming up. He was asked how he handles candy and chocolate in his home and he jokingly said, "I eat it." But then on a serious note he continues on by saying that he believes in everything in moderation. While talking about his children he was teaching the hosts how to make adorable little Halloween jack-o-lantern crafts. One of the hosts brought up the fact that Burtka was a "pro parent" by now and then goes on to ask if the children were going to be getting cell-phones. He fanatically said, "NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!" He then continues on by saying that anytime that the kids bring up something about a cell-phone he has "shot that down so fast." He said that he tell his children "you are too young for a cell phone. Unless you are riding the bus alone, or something like that, then you don't get a cell phone." He then says that they are in third grade and then asks, "why would you need a cell-phone in 3rd grade?"

Burtka then goes on to talk about how it is already hard to help with his kid's homework. He said that he was trying to help with his son's math homework and Gideon said, "no dad, we don't do it that way!." Then he was confused because it seems like they are always changing math even though math really shouldn't be changing!

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