Neil Patrick Harris' 10 Best Family Halloween Costumes

Neil Patrick Harris and his family have carved themselves a special place in each years' Halloween celebrations as the masters of the group costume. In a world where celebrity family costumes are becoming more and more popular, Harris and his husband David Burtka have consistently claimed their crowns as the Kings of Halloween.  They have taken family costumes to the next level with their twins Harper and Gideon making headlines each year.

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As the twins get older, the costumes are getting more elaborate and we are living for it! Starting this annual tradition in 2011, just after the twins turned one, the fabulous foursome have drawn inspiration from film, TV, real life and even theme parks. Fans avidly watch their Instagram feed each October, awaiting the big reveal. Keep reading as we take a look at their unbelievable costumes to date.

10 Never Say Neverland

The Harris Burtka family set the bar high from the start! in 2011 the couple created fairytale costumes based on Peter Pan. Neil donned luxurious robes and a sinister hook to assume the part of Captain Hook while David looked thrilled to play the part of Peter Pan and he helps daughter Harper fly high as Tinkerbell. Hook has his trusty right hand man Mister Smee nearby in the form of Gideon wearing sea worthy stripes and adorable glasses painted on to his face.

9 We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

After the success of the previous years' Peter Pan theme, the family take things to the next level with this incredible Wizard Of Oz offering. Harper makes an adorable Dorothy while the boys take on the part of some of the friends she makes whilst on her adventure in Oz.

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Her brother plays the Lion who wants courage, and her dads take on the parts of the Scarecrow who wants a brain and the Tin Man who wants a heart. Full marks for commitment to the role for Harris, who wore silver face paint and seems to have been creative with a coffee pod for his nose!

8 Curiouser And Curiouser

The family are fully on a roll now and did not disappoint with this adorable Alice In Wonderland theme. Harris and Burtka in matching costumes were terrific as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, while Harper took the titular role of Alice in a picture perfect blue dress and while apron. Gideon played the part of the White Rabbit with a glorious red waistcoat and oversized pocket watch. The family looked like they could have been plucked straight out of a Disney production!

7 Monster Mash

For this family costume the Harris Burtkas drew inspiration from classic movie monsters and embodied the essence of Halloween horror as some of the most iconic monsters around!

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Harris looked stern and sinister with a green painted face and neck bolts as Frankensteins' Monster while holding an adorable wolf-boy Gideon. Burtka channeled his inner Dracula with iconic cloak, widow's peak and fangs alongside a frighteningly cute Bride of Frankenstein portrayed by Harper.

6 Holy Halloween Costumes, Batman!

This family costume comes from the colorful world of comics.  Having chosen to go with the universe of the Caped Crusader, all that was left to do was assign roles. It makes perfect sense that real life partners in crime Gideon and Harper would be Batman and Batgirl. Neil and David take on the identities of two of the most colorful villains, the Joker and the Riddler, to brilliant effect.

5 Use The Force

Something tells us that the Harris Burtka twins didn't need to use any Jedi mind tricks to convince their neighbors to fill their buckets with treats as they rocked their Luke and Leia costumes. This wonderful tribute to Star Wars saw Harris don a long brown robe and grey facial hair to become Obi Wan Kenobi, while his husband wore a perfectly replicated Han Solo costume, complete with blaster gun.  Just look at those sassy poses!

4 Classic Hollywood

It makes sense that a family headed by two men that have made their name in show business would eventually draw inspiration from Hollywood in its' heyday. Rather than choosing to all represent characters from a particular film or fictional universe, the family each dressed as a Hollywood legend. Neil Patrick Harris sported bushy fake facial hair as Groucho Marx and David Burtka was the bowler-hatted Charlie Chaplin. Harper paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe while her brother was James Dean. This costume proved that you can still have an awesome Halloween without having to dip into anything scary!

3 Creepy Carnival

For this spooktacular circus sideshow themed family costume, it would seem that Neil Patrick Harris was inspired by his time playing Chester on American Horror Story: Freak Show. Harris has taken on the role of ringmaster with his oversized megaphone and blank eyed stare as he invites us to roll up and see the show.

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The performers include husband David as a creepy looking clown, Gideon flexing his muscles as a mini strong man and Harper showing off her luscious locks as the bearded lady.

2 Grim Grinning Ghosts

In a creative twist, the family turned to an unexpected source of inspiration for this particular costume. Instead of TV or film this look is themed around characters in the the Haunted Mansion ride that can be found at the Disney parks. The boys assumed the roles of the Hitchhiking Ghosts while Harper looks tragically beautiful as The Bride whose story is followed throughout the theme park attraction. These wonderful costumes paired with an atmospheric photoshoot combining special effects made this particular halloween family costume photo one of the best yet.

1 Fright At The Boo-seum

This years group costume from the Harris Burtkas proves that they have got this whole Halloween thing down to a fine 'art', as if we needed any more proof! Posing individually as some of the art worlds' most iconic figures before bringing the images together by framing them to create a ghoulish gallery.  Burtka sports a gravity defying moustache as Salvador Dali alongside Harris whose embodiment of  Vincent Van Gogh is deadly accurate, even down to the ear on the frame!

Gideon looks very stylish as Andy Warhol while his sister Harper sports the perfect uni-brow as Frida Kahlo. The picture got more than  300,000 likes on Instagram in less than a day, proving their status as the champions of the family halloween costume. We can't wait to see what they come up with next year. Whatever they decide on, it is sure to be legendary!

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