Your Nest Cam Can Be A Baby Monitor But Make It Secure

Having a newborn baby can be pretty stressful. For a start, your emotions are all over the place post-birth, and you now have this little bundle of pooping, crying, joy that you want to protect above all else. Between worrying about room temperature to how many times you should be feeding them in a night, you've got enough on your plate without trying to rig up the video baby monitor you so desperately want. Let us help you out with this one. According to Wired, Nest Cam indoor security cameras are easier to use and simple to have as a baby monitor, saving you a world of trouble.


Using a Wi-Fi enabled camera can often be a lot simpler to set up than spending loads of time working out how to use the software with other monitors. Having a video link to your baby's room is priceless in so many ways. You can tell if they're crying because they just woke up, or if anything else is going on that you need to be concerned about. They take away a whole lot of stress. Plus, sleeping babies are pretty cute. Who wouldn't want to take a glimpse at their mini-me happily dreaming away in the land of nod? There is a catch though - Wi-Fi devices can be less secure, meaning that hackers could potentially access your live feed.

There are steps you can take to avoid this to keep your family safe and secure. Doing simple things like changing your router name, your network name, and your password won't take away the risks completely, but it will stop some less advanced hackers. Activating WPA2 encryption protocols on your router would also be a good idea, as well as subscribing to a VPN service that will make it easier to see what's going on. It might sound a little complex, but we promise it's worth it.

Happy sleeping!


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