Netflix Executive States She Was Fired Because Of Her Pregnancy

Former Netflix employee suing Netflix, because she claims she was fired due to her pregnancy.

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Tania Zarak worked in 2018 as a manager in Netflix’s international originals division. Shortly after she made her pregnancy public with her supervisors she saw a sudden shift in how she was treated around the office. She said that she started not getting invited to the meetings that she had always been asked to attend. Her supervisor, Francisco Ramos, also started ignoring her communications and then he began making very deprecating remarks about her appearance. Zarak then said that Ramos removed her from a project that she had been working on for awhile. It seemed very obvious that he had started treating her this way right after she told him she was pregnant.

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Zarak was getting really upset with Ramos and she felt like he was not treating her very fairly. She went to Human Resources to complain about Ramos and tell them about all of the things that Ramos has done. After she spoke to HR she then was called in Zarak's office. He asked her when her due date was and she informed him that she would be due in May and then be taking maternity leave. According to Zarak, Ramos then told her that it would not be a big deal if she just left the job. He was visibly agitated by her saying she was going to be taking maternity leave. The next day he called her into his office once again and there was an HR representative in the office. Ramos said, "Tania, we’re here because I’m letting you go." Zarak believes it is because she was pregnant.

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Netflix claims that they will allow their employers to take one year of maternity leave to be able to go home and take care of their babies. However, it has been claimed in the Zarak's law suit that Netflix will get mad and they will retaliate anybody who takes them up on the offer. Netflix has retaliated the claim and said, “Netflix works hard to ensure that employees with families, or who are starting a family, have the flexibility and support they need.”

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Zarak is suing Netflix for terminating her employment. She believes that the only reason that she was fired was because she was pregnant and would be delivering her baby in May. Zarak believes that she was discriminated against, because of her pregnancy and there was no other reason to fire her. According to Zarak, her job performance should not have made her lose her job.

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