New Baby Racing Sport Is Taking America By Storm

A couple of weeks ago, during a 2019 ACC basketball game between the Boston College Eagles and Pittsburgh Panthers, six tots took to the court at halftime to compete in a baby race for the ages.

In a clip, posted by ESPN on their Facebook page, six parents lined up with their young ones while “Baby Shark” played over the loudspeakers. Once released, Javi, a dark haired tot took off like a bullet, leaving his competitors in the dust. Yet after traveling a few feet, he had second thoughts, turned around and crawled back to his mom.

Meanwhile, two other babies decided to give it a go. Jack, a tot wearing a UNC Tarheels T-shirt, took the lead, followed by Paisley. As soon as Jack was nearing the finish line, Paisley jumped into action and made a dash, claiming the title.

ESPN, which knows a thing or two about heart-stopping sporting events, called the finale “the most dramatic finish to a baby race ever.” After Paisley crossed the finish line, it was clear that her motivation wasn’t simply the glory of winning the race, but the shiny blue PlayStation controller that she claimed as her prize.

2019 ACC Tournament Baby Race with an amazing finish!

This *might* be the most dramatic finish to a baby race ever 👶

Posted by ESPN on Thursday, March 14, 2019

The video, which has been viewed over 67 million times, had Facebook users cheering for the babies. Jorge Leal wrote that the race was “better than last super bowl,” while April Marie wrote, “I needed this today! Too cute!”

The baby contestants at the Spectrum Center, who were randomly pre-selected, were between six and 12 months old. Fifteen winners of the contest, organized by the ACC, received two tickets to the 7:00 pm New York Life ACC Tournament Game. The Grand Prize winner received an ACC Prize Pack.

Most babies learn to crawl between the ages of six months and 10 months, although some skip the crawling phase and begin pulling up, cruising, and walking. Parents can get their children ready for crawling by giving them lots of supervised tummy time, which allows them to lift their head and look around, thereby building strength in the neck, shoulders, arms, and trunk.

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Afterward, parents can place a favorite toy just out of reach or lie down in front of the baby to engage their attention and motivate them to crawl. "Crawling is a huge milestone for babies because it's the first step toward independent mobility," says Rallie McAllister, M.D., co-author of The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby's First Year. "Crawling babies develop navigation skills and memorize facts. For instance, they'll learn that they have to go around the coffee table and beyond the recliner to get to the basket of toys."

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