10 Things You Didn’t Know About That “New Baby” Smell

Newborn babies just seem to have this amazing, intoxicating smell to them. It makes you want to cuddle with them just to get a bigger whiff of that lovely smell. There is just something about it that you can’t describe. That is why a lot of people love to hold babies and they don’t want to put them down. Perhaps that’s why a lot of little ones get spoiled into thinking that they always need to be held?

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Just a baby’s smile alone could melt your heart; especially when you get to see that little smile in their sleep. But if you have ever wanted to know more about that “new baby” smell, you are in the right place!

10 The “New Baby” Smell Is A Real Thing

If you have ever thought that it was strange that you think a newborn smells pleasant, you are not alone. That new baby scent is a real thing and there are plenty of things that play a factor in how a newborn smells.

So, no, you have not been going crazy all of these years and your sniffer is not broken. This smell is more detectable by women than men. So, if dad doesn’t pick up on the smell that well, but mom does, that is completely normal.

9 The Smell Is Usually Gone In 6 Weeks

If you are in love with how your newborn baby smells, love it while you can because that smell will not last forever. Actually, it won’t even make it past three months. That smell you should cherish while you can only lasts for about 6 weeks on average.

Those 6 weeks will fly by faster than you will even know. Before you realize it, your little one will no longer be considered a newborn! Babies grow up so fast!

8 Researchers Think The Smell Could Be From Leftover Amniotic Fluid

There is not a fully known cause as to why newborns smell so good, but some researchers (according to Simplemost), believe that one of the contributing factors to the "new baby" smell is leftover amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is what surrounds the baby when it is inside of the womb. An interesting fact is that a newborn baby can taste what their mother has eaten when they are inside of the womb, just not as predominately and only once they hit a certain fetal age.

7 Researchers Also Think It Could Be From Leftover Vernix

There is another thing that some researches think has to do with the "new baby" smell, which is something known as vernix. Vernix helps protect the baby’s skin when they are inside of the womb. It is that white cheese-like substance that it on a newborn's skin right after they are born.

Vernix goes hand in hand with the leftover amniotic fluid which are the two things that can potentially make the newborn smell good. Hopefully, as science progresses, we will one day know for sure.

6 Evidence Suggests It Affects A Certain Part Of A Woman’s Brain

Evidence also suggests that there is a specific part of a woman’s brain that gets highlighted and triggered which may affect the way they feel about the smell of a newborn baby.

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This can help women feel good when they get a whiff of the new baby scent. So, it may technically be said that it is inside a woman’s head when they catch that pleasant scent since it really has to do with her brain.

5 It Could Act As An Incentive To Get Moms To Feel Pleasure When Taking Care Of Their Baby

The "new baby" smell is literally so strong for new moms, and since it is something that gets triggered inside of her brain, it can make moms actually want to take care of their young. It can make nurturing their little one feel pleasurable.

This can be a really good thing and it’s also like having your natural mothering instincts kick in just by smelling your little one. So, if things ever feel tough and your baby won’t stop crying, hold your child close to you and smell their head.

4 It May Help Offset Exhaustion

Another awesome thing that you may not know about the "new baby" smell is that it can help offset exhaustion. Perhaps this is why new moms can seem to be on the go much more than people who do not have children.

Just being around your child can make all that exhaustion feel minimal, in order for you to care for your little one on a half an hour of sleep. Moms are amazing individuals that often seem to live off of coffee, black tea, and the smell of their child.

3 That New Baby Smell May Help Strengthen The Mother-Child Connection

Since the "new baby" smell can trigger happiness in a mother, it can also help strengthen the mother-child bond and connection. So, when you are holding your baby, make sure to breathe in your child’s scent.

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This can really fit with mothers who breastfeed; while nursing your baby make sure to breathe in deep. The calmer you are, the calmer your little one will also be. Your baby is comforted by your scent, just as you are comforted by their scent.

2 Dopamine Pathways Light Up In The Brain When Smelling A New Baby

Dopamine is a hormone that helps people feel pleasure. Since the smell of a new baby triggers dopamine inside the brain, the smell of a newborn would make a person happy.

This smell increases the bond of mother and baby, as mentioned earlier. Dopamine can help provide happiness for mother and child, particularly when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding alone releases dopamine, which then can be passed from mother to child. This means that when mom is happy, the baby is happy!

1 The New Baby Smell Affects More Mothers Than Non-Mothers

When you become a mother, your brain chemistry changes. Many call it “pregnancy brain.”  This means that perhaps mothers have a stronger sense of smell and recognition toward that "new baby" smell.

While women who do not have kids can still fall in love with the smell of a newborn, moms are able to sense it more. And that is perfectly normal. This could be why new moms feel the way they do towards their newborn.

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