This New Dad Was Kicked Out Of The Delivery Room Due To His Tasteless Jokes

A father complained that a really horrible nurse kicked him out of the hospital room because he kept making tasteless jokes.

One father used his sense of humor to help his wife get through labor. He thought that making a few jokes with his wife would allow her to relax and calm down. While in the middle of the delivery his wife asked: "how does it look?" The man responded to her question jokingly by saying "I feel like I'm watching my favorite restaurant burning down!" The man's wife laughed and punched him in the arm. However, the nurse didn't find the humor quite as appealing. She scoffed and rolled her eyes at the fathers "tasteless" joke. The father ignored the "old hag" and moved on.

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When his wife finally delivered the baby came out and she had a slight tear where she needed a couple of stitches. The doctor said "we'll probably need 2 to 3 stitches" The husband joked and said, "can you add a couple more." The nurse didn't think it was very funny and scoffed again at the husband's joke.

Dad's Delivery Room

After his stitch joke, the nurse told the husband that he needed to leave. The man stated that the "fat old nurse goes (expletive), starts ranting and demands I leave the room." The man goes onto say, "I try to reason with her and she just started shrieking," he wrote. "I left and got a sandwich." The husband was mostly upset because the jokes weren't for the nurse or the doctor. The jokes were to help his wife through labor and delivery. She has the same sense of humor as her husband and she laughed at all of the jokes.

The husband took to Reddit to ask about the issue and see if people would take his side. The response was definitely not all in his favor. Many people said that he should definitely not make those jokes while during labor and delivery. Those jokes should be kept at home. One person even said, "I feel sorry for the woman who just delivered your baby." Other people didn't think the jokes were funny but said that if that's their sense of humor then the nurse never has the right to kick out the dad. Most people were in agreement that the dad shouldn't ever be kicked out of the hospital room unless he's being violent.

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