New Guidelines For Feeding Babies Allergens

American Academy of Pediatrics shares their new guidelines for introducing children to allergens.

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As parents we are always trying to figure out what the newest and latest standards are for our children. It seems that there are constant changes on carseats,,parenting tactics, sleeping conditions, and also the way the we feed our children. Some generations were taught to feed their kids water. While our generation was taught that babies don't need water. Some generations were taught that they shouldn't feed their kids foods that cause allergies such as strawberries, nuts, and wheat. Many people believe that you shouldn't even feed your child solid food until a year. So, what is it? What should we do?

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The American Acadamy of Pediatrics (AAP) have published new guidelines for introducing young babies foods with allergens. Pediatrician Dr. Marks-Cogan shares with us how to help our children eat new foods without causing their bodies too much stress and to help our babies not have as many allergies as they get older.


Marks-Cogan explains that in the past there have been varying opinions on when to feed our children and what type of foods to feed them. Marks-Cogan shares that there are some people who have told their patients to not feed their children food with allergens, because it was thought that if you postpone allergens then babies will be less likely to be allergic to foods. Now, there has been evidence proving that babies should start being introduced to food sooner to lessen their chance of being allergic to certain allergens.

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Marks-Cogan shares that parents should start introducing their children to foods that are not typical allergen foods first. Parents should not start out their kids solids with allergen foods. After a few weeks of no side effects from the different foods then the parents can start feeding their children allergen specific foods. Allergen foods consists of foods like wheat, peanuts, eggs, milk and certain fruits. Marks-Cogan is saying that the window to introduce these foods is around 4-6 months. They believe that by a year, it would be too late!

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