New Guidelines For Parents Regarding Kids' Diet, Exercise And Screen Time

Now that the summer months are here, many kids want to take advantage of their time off by spending time at home in front of their electronic tablets. However, parents might want to monitor just how much time kids are spending in front of their screens. That’s because there are new guidelines for parents regarding kids’ screen time along with their diets and exercise.

According to The Conversation, moms and dads need to pay particular attention to what their children are doing online and how much of it they are doing, too. As the availability of junk foods and screen time is making parenting increasingly difficult for many people, it's up to the parents to set certain rules and regulations that each family member should abide by.

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The Australian government has just issued new guidelines about healthy eating, physical activity and screen time for kids to help promote optimal health and development. While each recommendation varies by age, health professionals want to encourage a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, and protein while also making sure that kids are moving around enough during the day. Instead of spending endless hours holed up in their bedrooms with their iPads, parents are being urged to encourage their children to spend time outdoors and to play with their friends.

Here are just a few of the new guidelines that have been set:

Screen-free mealtimes:

Health advocates suggest that both parents and children put away all of their electronic devices during meal time. In other words, there should be no phones, tablets, laptops or gaming accessories during breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

Eating a meal as a family:

The best thing to do to help promote healthy eating habits is to eat as a family. It also helps when both parents and kids are eating the same food. In other words, there shouldn’t be an ‘adult menu’ and a separate ‘kids menu.’ Kids should be encouraged to eat what their parents are eating.

Setting screen time limits:

It might not be easy but set time limits. During the summer months, children should have no more than two hours of screen time. Also, make sure that you have active play equipment at home and try to schedule regular family time activities.

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