New Hampshire Nurse Who Gave Baby To Wrong Mother For Feeding Placed On Leave

When dealing with infants, you need to be careful because so many things could go wrong very quickly if you're not paying attention. One New Hampshire nurse learned this lesson the hard way on Sunday when she mixed up two newborns and gave the wrong mother the wrong baby to feed.

The nurse, whose name was not released, was placed on administrative leave following the incident after angry family members reacted harshly to the mistake. The newborn who was given to the wrong mother received 5ml of formula before anyone took notice of the mix-up.

One grandmother, Lisa Lylyk, wasn't impressed that her daughter was given someone else's baby to feed and that her grand-baby was in the care of someone else. After all, all mothers and newborns are equipped with matching bracelets to avoid such instances.

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In an argument surrounding the case, it was brought up that a mother should be able to notice whether she is feeding her baby or someone else's but Lylyk argued that her daughter had just endured a long labor and was on narcotics. It took roughly 10 minutes before anyone noticed the babies were switched.

"My daughter had just underwent 41 hours of labor. She had been on narcotics for the first time in her life. Ended in an emergency C-section so, the first time that she saw her baby she was very drugged," Lylyk explains. "So when they brought this baby to her it was really like the first time seeing her baby."

It was not noted whether the baby who was fed by the wrong mother was breastfed and administered formula, but things could have been a lot more catastrophic if that were the case. A hospital spokesperson reported that no harm came to any infants with the mistake and explained that "this was an unfortunate case of human error."

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Lylyk says she recalls an alarm going off indicating the baby and mother were not paired correctly but that the alarm was ignored and no one bothered to visually check the bracelets. Safety protocol states that staff members are required to check both the baby's bracelet and the mother's to ensure they match to avoid situations such as these but in this case, this was not done.

The nurse, realizing her wrongdoing, feels terrible about the entire situation and is on leave while the hospital deals with the turmoil of her mistake. Thankfully, no baby was harmed and a lesson was learned.

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