New Jersey Is Working To Have Baby Walkers Banned

New Jersey is trying to ban baby walkers, because they have deemed them to be very dangerous.


This is certainly not the first time that baby walkers have been questioned for their safety. Baby walkers are devices meant to allow babies to walk around the house independently without actually having to be able to walk. Baby walkers have wheels and the baby can then push the walker around by walking on hard surfaces. The device was created so that parents could put their child down into a contraption where their child would have the opportunity to have freedom to walk around the home.

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Baby walkers have proven to be a very dangerous piece of baby gear and New Jersey has started to push for a baby walker ban. In a study published in 2018, it was shown that over 230,000 children were treated in the United States emergency departments for baby walker related injuries from 1990-2014. Democratic state Sen. Linda Greenstein is trying to ban the walkers where anybody who is trying to sell a walker can be fined for up to $10,000! She is using the many studies and research to help back up her bill.

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Canada was the first country to ban the sale of baby walkers in 2004. They estimated that over 2,000 children were being sent to the emergency room every year due to baby walker injuries. Many mandatory safety precautions have been made to make sure that baby walkers are more safe for children, but even with these changes there are still many children being injured. The number one reason that children are getting hurt on baby walkers is by rolling down the stairs.  Children are being put into an object in wheels and then they are being allowed to explore independently. Even if the child is being supervised they can still quickly maneuver and crash down the stairs. However, many parents are using the baby walkers as "babysitting" and that is the biggest problem. Children have also been known to fall into pools and bathtubs while in their baby walker and then drowning. While children are in their walkers they can also now more easily grab hazardous items and even reach the stove tops.

New Jersey has had enough of the constant injuries that are happening to our children due to the dangerous baby walkers. They are trying to do their part in saving lives and get rid of the dangerous devices. Get rid of your baby walkers! If you must put you child down then you need to choose something that is safe and stationary.

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