New "Lactation Room" Bill Has Just Been Signed Into Law

While some moms proudly breastfeed in public whenever they must, other moms try to be more discreet about breastfeeding. Neither is right or wrong because what matters most is the comfort of the mother and her baby. But for mothers who are always looking for a breastfeeding room out in public to feed their baby with some privacy, certain buildings across the United States will soon have such rooms in place.

President Donald Trump has recently signed the Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act into law. This bipartisan law requires that all federal buildings have designated breastfeeding rooms inside for those who need them. Such rooms will be required to be free from any and all intrusion- presumably to make it easier for a mother to get in and out with little trouble. In addition, these rooms must have chairs, an electrical outlet, and a working surface.

These new breastfeeding rooms will be made available for both federal employees and members of the public. These rooms are also going to be separate from public washrooms, ensuring quite a bit of privacy for the mother in question. Of course, they're also going to be incredibly hygienic so that mom and baby alike will not get anything while inside one of these breastfeeding rooms. Basically, these rooms are going to be ideal spots for a mother to get her nursing done to feed her baby whenever the need arises.

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According to the content inside the Fairness for Breastfeeding Mothers Act, all federal buildings in the U.S. have until 2021 to make the changes necessary to have breastfeeding rooms. Having said that, there will be some exceptions made. If a federal building simply doesn't have a place to put a breastfeeding room in or doesn't have somewhere that could be made private despite the right cost and materials, then they will not have a breastfeeding room put into place.

It will take some time for breastfeeding rooms to be implemented in federal buildings. The time, money and effort taken into account mean that they won't pop up overnight. However, it's clear that progress for women and breastfeeding is going to be made in a timely manner.

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