How To Make The Perfect Care Package For A New Mom

When someone close to you has a baby, you probably start thinking of gift ideas for the new little one. Shopping for babies is relatively easy, with the abundance of adorable onesies, outfits and baby toys available in any mall or online. While it’s pretty customary and most people love bringing a gift to celebrate a new baby, you may also be wondering what you can bring for the new mom.

This may be trickier and requires a bit more thought as to what the new mom would really appreciate at this time in her life. Read on for ideas on how to make the perfect care package for a new mom.



The new mom will likely have very little time for herself, between feedings, diaper changes, and all of the million other things she has to remember when caring for a newborn.

Satisfy her sweet tooth by giving her her favorite chocolate, candy or other treat that you know she loves. She will definitely appreciate it, and maybe when she miraculously gets a moment to herself, she’ll be able to put her feet up and indulge herself.



For the first little while, the new mom will likely be living in pajamas or a variation of pajamas (sweatshirt and sweatpants).

She will probably be up a lot with the baby during the night, and then she’ll be too exhausted during the day to bother to get dressed. Why not get her some nice pajamas that are nursing friendly, so that she can feel comfortable while at the same time a little luxurious. This is a gift that will definitely get a lot of use!



Don’t neglect poor mom’s poor feet! She will be running back and forth between her room and the baby’s and sitting for long periods of time while nursing and holding the baby.

Get her a pair of comfy, plush slippers that will keep her feet warm while she’s up nursing at 3 am. She will feel pampered, and will no doubt will wear them every day. We know we never take them off.



The best kind of shopping, all new moms will agree, is online shopping. Who wants to lug a crying baby, in the middle of winter, out to the store because you need more diapers? Lots of moms turn to online shopping to purchase everything from diapers to groceries to personal care products.

A great gift idea is a gift card to an online retailer that you know she uses, like Amazon. That way, you know she will use it, and you’ll be saving her the hassle of going out to the store. Also save you the hassle of having to come up with an exact product.

5 DVD/Blu Ray


Being a new mom, while exciting and overwhelming, can also be boring sometimes. She will likely be sitting with her newborn for long periods of time, either while breastfeeding or rocking the baby to sleep.

Buy her a movie you think she’d like, or a box set of a TV series you know she loves. It’s probably best to choose a movie or TV show that’s funny and lighthearted because she could probably use a laugh. She could also use something that will get Baby Shark out of her head.



It’s so important for new moms to eat healthily and stay hydrated. She won’t have a lot of time to cook for herself, so she’ll probably be relying on easy to prepare and easy to eat items.

Make this easier on her by giving her some healthy snacks that she can enjoy. Some great examples are granola bars and mixed nuts or trail mix. Make it something that she can grab and quickly eat, but that’s also filling and tastes great.



Learning to breastfeed is an overwhelming, stressful and sometimes painful process for a lot of new moms. It doesn’t always start smoothly and takes a lot of practice to get the hang of. And along with the challenges of breastfeeding comes figuring out what shirts and bras will work best.

Nursing tank tops are a lot of moms new best friends because they can be worn alone or under another shirt, and unhook quickly and easily anytime you need to nurse.



Being a mom is hard – and being a mom to a newborn can be especially tough. She probably won’t have time to take a breath most days. At the end of a long day, one of the best ways to relieve some stress and tension is with laughter.

Get her this hilarious book showing hunky guys caring for babies, with quotes such as, “Damn, you look hot in those sweatpants!” You’ll be giving her some eye candy while making her laugh at the same time. Win, win!



New moms have to remember to stay well hydrated. It's important for their health, as well as their baby's especially if she's breastfeeding. But's it's easy for moms to forget to drink enough water, or become too distracted to look after their own needs.

Get her a cute water bottle that will actually make her want to drink water. She can fill it and leave it close by during the day, and by her bedside at night.

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