New Mom Is Feeling Betrayal After Her Partner Walked Out Of C-Section Birth

One mother shares that her boyfriend left her at the hospital alone right after a c-section.

One mother explains her experience with her second child is still one of the worst moments and a sore spot in her relationship with her boyfriend. The woman explains that she loves her boyfriend very much and he has always been very supportive of whatever she does. The woman shared that her first birth experience was a bit traumatic and that she was not very excited about giving birth to her second child. Before the birth she told her boyfriend to "not skip out on us" and then she informed him that he has to stay with her for a couple of days.

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The woman shares that she went into the hospital where she had to have a c-section. Shortly after the c-section and while holding their second daughter in her arms, her boyfriend asked the most insane question, "can I leave?" This was only 30 minutes after the baby arrived. She literally was cut open a half an hour prior and he asked if he could leave. The mother said that she was a little surprised, but she said that she was okay with it because he is a farmer. She thought he would go and feed the livestock and then come right back.


She was left alone holding a newborn while being just recently "sliced" open. The moment reminded her of being abandoned time and time again when she was a little girl. When she was younger she felt like she was not ever paid attention to because "she didn't deserve to be loved." At that moment, all of those feelings came back and was left feeling extremely emotional. Her boyfriend came back to the hospital later that evening and brought along a few friends to meet the baby too. He stayed for 10 minutes and then said he was going to leave again. He never came back.

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The next day, she called her boyfriend again and left a message. She told him that she was in so much pain and she just needs him there with her. She begged him to come back and he didn't call her back and he later claimed that he had "never received the message." The hospital even tried calling him and he didn't answer his phone. Her boyfriend decided to go to brunch with his friends instead. He later said that "if it was an emergency the hospital would have called again." In the 48 hours that she was in the hospital, he spent an hour with her. That included the time spent during the c-section.

The woman shared her experience with Reddit and obviously, the internet was on her side. They all weighed in on their relationship. After getting motivation and advice from her Reddit followers, she was finally able to sit down with her boyfriend and have a serious conversation. Months after their second child was born he apologized and said he finally saw her side of things. Hopefully, if they decide to have a third child he will actually step up and be supportive!

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