New Mom Loses Friend For Giving Baby Same Name As Her Bestie's Child

Naming a baby is hard, and one woman learned it can cost you a friendship if you're not careful.

In a post on Mumsnet, user Mamatobe83 revealed that when she got pregnant, she and her husband fell in love with one name for their baby that she admitted was pretty common. The only catch was, a friend of theirs gave their child the same name a few years before. Now, this is a dicey situation to find yourself in, even if they only saw the buddy in question about three times a year. Still, she reached out to get her blessing. Normally, that would be the end of the story, but not here.

After the birth of their child, Mamatobe83 discovered she was unfriended off social media.

"I found out from a mutual friend she was hurt that we had called our son the same name as her son," writes the mother. "She hasn’t spoken to me directly about this and I feel incredibly offended that she has deleted me and obviously can’t bear to look at any pictures of our baby who shares the same name as her son."


Via Raising Children Network

There are two sides to every story, so without the other side, we can't really rush to a conclusion, but it's kind of strange to feel ownership over a specific name. If the name has sentimental value, which the user says it does, then there's really no place for the friend to be upset about.

It seems the other commenters agree, as there's been overwhelming support for Mamatobe83. Some even shared experiences where their friends recycled their baby's names and they were flattered. But different people react differently to situations, and there may be more to the story that we're not being told

Picking a name is pretty hard, even when you take out the possibility of losing friends. Apparently, the names you choose can have an impact on your child's behavior. According to Live Science, boys with more feminine names are more likely to find themselves in trouble as children, while others discovered their names prevent them from economic growth.

In fact, we here at BabyGaga recently reported on a study that revealed the names of children that found themselves on the naughty list more often than not. The study, that monitored 6,300 children, found that Amy and Jacob were the biggest trouble makers for their respective genders.

So we guess that on top of picking a name that will determine your child's behavior and upward mobility in the workforce, you should check with your friend to make sure it won't ruin your relationship.


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